Landmark Elementary School

Newsletter #2 - 2018/2019

Principal's Message - Mrs. Koop

At LES one of our school goals is to build our students' citizenship skills. We want all of our students to believe that they have an important role to play in our school community. To build this sense of citizenship we have created House Groups. House groups are led by a teacher and each group consists of students from grade one to six. The House Groups will take part in collaborative activities a few times a month. We are hoping that students will build new connections with teachers and students. It is also a perfect opportunity for our older students to build their leadership skills. We had our first event a couple of weeks ago and there was such a positive energy in the building. It was awesome walking around and seeing friendships being built. Next week our House Groups will be working on a Christmas STEAM activity. Stay tuned for some pictures.

Happy Holidays! May your holidays be filled with peace and joy!

Happy Retirement!

Congratulations to Joanne Plett who will be retiring at Christmas. Joanne has been a dedicated EA at Landmark Elementary school for the past eighteen years. We will miss you, and we wish you all the best!!!

Upcoming Events

  • December 17th - Christmas Concert Practice @ 12:45-3:00 at the Prairie Rose Church
  • December 18th - Dress Rehearsal @ 10:00 am and Evening Concert @ 7:00 at the Prairie Rose Church
  • December 19th - School Choir performing at the Steinbach Credit Union @ 10:00
  • December 20th - Grade 4-6 Skating at the Arena
  • December 21st - Last Day of Classes (Special Activities)
  • December 24th - January 4th - Christmas Break
  • January 7th - Back to School
  • January 15 - WSO Musical Discoveries for Grades 1- 3/4 @ The Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall
  • January 25th - Rocks and Rings

LES Christmas Concert

Staff and students are busy preparing for our Christmas Concert on December 18th at 7:00 at the Prairie Rose Church. Students are asked to be at the church at 6:30 where they will meet their homeroom teacher. The front center pew is reserved for parents/guardians to photograph their children as they are performing.

We look forward to sharing our gift of music with you!

Get Directions

Spirit Week - December 17th to December 21st

Thank you to our Leadership Team for planning the week!
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News from Guidance - Mrs. Penner

After being off on Maternity leave for the past year, it sure feels good to be back at Landmark Elementary continuing with the counseling role. A big thanks to the parents, staff and students who have welcomed me back. We are continuing with The Zones of Regulation with the Ks, 1s and 1/2s, as well as learning how they can be the “Best me I can Be.” Project 11 is in full swing in 2/3 and 4/5 and 3/4G is focusing on a Growth Mindset and “The Power of Yet.” I will also be visiting the grade 4 to 6 classes soon and talking a little bit about online safety.

We Team Campaign - Reverse Bake Sale!

Thank you to our WE Team and Mrs. Krisko for planning and hosting our first ever LES Reverse Bake Sale. Thank you as well to everyone that donated baked items and to everyone who brought in food items. Our school collected 750 non-perishable items for Community Christmas Hampers.

Highlights from the Gym - Ms. Sokolowski

Highlights From the Gym

Guiness Book of World Records Stack-Up Day

On November 8th, all LES students (and even some staff) took part in World Speed Stacks Day! 624, 457 people across the world took part in this event in attempt to break the record for number of speed stackers in one day. Students learned several formations, such as the 3-6-3, and had the opportunity to race against their peers. Speed Stacking is an excellent way to test your hand-eye coordination and utilize both sides of your body. For more information and some great videos check out:

Grade 4-6 Focus

Grade 4 to 6 students engaged in several types of invasion and territory games in October and November (including football and soccer). Through these team activities, students worked to develop their offensive and defensive strategies, communication skills, and several transport and manipulation skills. Currently, we are wrapping up our volleyball unit and have set goals to help improve our ball control, communication, and getting behind the ball to increase the quality of our pass.

Grade 1-3 Focus

Our grade 1 to 3 students have been working on a number of transport and manipulation skills throughout the past two months. We have been focused on developing our striking, kicking, and skipping skills through low organized games, station work, and partner/small group activities. We have also been discussing signs of exertion that give us clues to when we need to slow down or pick up our pace.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Below are some of the highlights from our extra-curricular clubs during our lunch break. We had mini-soccer club (grade 3-4), build-it club (grade 1-2), and volleyball club (grade 5-6). Special thanks to our grade 5 and 6 refs for spending their lunch break reffing our mini-soccer games!

Coming Up…

As we move into our final month before the new year, students will have the opportunity to join in a few new clubs, engage in a fitness week, and celebrate the upcoming holiday season with holiday and winter-themed games! Happy holidays and have a wonderful break!

Upcoming clubs:

  • Broomball - grade 3 (grade 6 refs)

  • Dodgeball - grade 4-6

Book Fair Coming Soon!

Scholastic "Enchanted Forest" Book Fair

February 4th-7th. Volunteers are needed. Please contact the school.

Bus Drivers Wanted

We are actively looking for new Spare Bus Drivers in our school division. This is a great casual part-time job where you control the amount you want to work. Hanover School Division Transportation Department provides all of the training you need to be a successful bus driver. If you are interested please email for more information.

Weather Related School Closures

In rare cases when Hanover School Division cancels classes due to weather and/or road conditions, families are now notified by an automatic phone call system unless you have requested to NOT receive that phone call. School closure information, as well as bus delays, are posted on the HSD website (

In addition, there are radio announcements. It is VERY IMPORTANT that parents/guardians check for school closures. There will be no one at the schools on school closure days. Also, there will NOT be a sign outside the school to let you know that schools are closed. Unfortunately, if students arrive at the school on a school closure day, there will be no way for them to contact parents.

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