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September 4-7 "The Greatest School on Earth"

Thank You!

Thank you for making these first two weeks of school so amazingly smooth. It has been a great start to the school year. It is amazing to watch how much our students are already learning...95% EOY scores here we come! As we march into September we will analyze together what our primary students already know and what they need and make a plan accordingly. Ruthie and I are so thankful to each of you because these first few weeks it has been evident that Pine Tree Primary believes all of our pirates are "OUR" students not "your" students. Enjoy your long weekend with family and friends!
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From the Primary Staff Notebook


Students: Parents are to provide a written note, email or fax documenting student absences when returning to school. Teachers need to ensure that the child’s full name, date of absence(s), and homeroom teacher’s name is on each absence note before placing the note in the brown attendance envelope.. Hang the envelope on your door. This must be done every day, and notes are not to be left in the classroom.

Absences can affect a student’s academic performance; therefore the teacher must notify the attendance clerk in the office of a child who is chronically absent (2 or more days consecutively or absent consistently). The teacher needs to call home to check on absences over one day. (See District Student Code of Conduct for attendance policy). If the parent emails you the excuse please forward to Regina. The office does not accept phone calls as documentation for excused absences.
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Primary Events Calendar

Please check weekly and daily. Click on the blue links to get more information.

Please use the beautiful signs you have made outside your door to show us where your class is when not in classroom! The easiest way to do this is make it a student responsibility when you leave your room. Thank you sooooo much!

Join PTA!

Join PTA by October 1 to be entered in a drawing for gift cards from various places. A sign will be placed by every door to show who has joined PTA!

Committees for 2018-2019

Below are the committee assignments. Walker will send an email with information to each group about deadlines.

PTA Primary Committee: Family Engagement

Fall Parent Night











Kindergarten Texas Day








Kindergarten Graduation










2019-2020 Information Fair









Parent Liaison Smore

This is being shared with parents about how they can use our parent liaison. Ms. Chism emailed a teacher referral form.

SIOP Training

Please read each link below about SIOP training. Every teacher or aide who works with children during the school day needs to complete the training.

Paras may work on this during their 30 minute break. There are computers in each workroom phone closet. You can also use the extra computer in Regina's room and the laptop by Ruth in the front office.

Even though this training is written for English Learners, the strategies can be applied to any student because of the variety of strategies that can be used in many teaching situations.

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FERPA Quick!

Above is a stoplight that breaks down FERPA. Here is the quick version. We have many family members who are interested in the progress of their students at our school. We cannot share information with anyone but the parents unless there are documents filed with Regina that say something else.

Emergency Contacts in Skyward are for emergencies, pickups, eating lunch, attending events, etc.

Academic and Behavior is to be discussed with the parents only unless they give permission otherwise. Please get the permission in writing so we can keep it on file. If you have questions, talk to Walker or Parsons.

Ms. Chism will work on contacting parents to sign up for Seesaw.

Please check sinks and toilets in classroom bathrooms. Paper towels are being stuffed and are overflowing.

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Kindergarten- Make sure kids know their lunch number or have a tag on student with number for food service to see! When all your students know their number, popsicle party with the principal!

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September Parent Newsletter

This is being sent to parents on August 31. If you have things to add for October, email them to Walker by September 21.

We are looking for children's books to be donated to our birthday book cart. Gently used is great! Give to Ruth.