Endeavour Library Newsletter

January 2019

New Tech in the House!

The library recently purchase a set of 6 Bee - Bots and 4 Breakout EDU boxes. We will be using them in the library but they are available for check out as well. Bee bots are geared for K-2 students as a hands on approach to coding (although any grade I have used them has loved them!). Breakout EDU are locked boxes that students need to break into using clues and teamwork.

Feel free to stop in the library on Monday, 1/28 from 1:00-2:00 PM to see the new Tech in Action!

What's Happening in the Library this Month?

Snowperson Book Character Contest!

During the month of January we are having a Snowperson book character contest. All students are invited to draw/build/design a snowperson to look like a book character. Due date for submissions is February 1st. Next time you are in the library, stop by and check out the cute snow people your students are making! More info is on the attached PDF below if interested.

Thanks for Reading!