By:Lauren Streder

Asta's son wanted!

Everyone must join us at the hunting for Asta's son. he ran away after his mothers's death and he will right away be tortured as soon as we catch him. he does not have any food so he won't survive long. now if anyone who wishes not to participate then they will be tortured or have an ear clipped off. now everyone this hunt starts tomorrow. start preparing. we will be ready for him.

Find Asta's son!


If you find Asta's son we want him alive to feel the pain when we capture him. If there is a certain person who finds him, he or she will get a reward of 20 shillings! and if a group finds him they will each get 20 shillings. but if our king or knights have found Crispin then they will chose the torture. If Asta's son is no where to be found then we will have a village meeting and one and all will be punished for not finding him, there will be food gathers there so everyone meet in the forest tomorrow!