Dead Poets Project

Directions and extra information

DUE THURSDAY 4/10 Beginning of class

The What

You (independently or with a partner) will investigate the life and work of a poet. Your presentation must cover:

  • An overview of their life including: Date and location of birth and death, personal life. occupation, education, literary career. Be sure to include pictures of them, where they lived, etc.

  • Major works: what were their most famous or celebrated work? Your presentation must include one full poem.

  • Significance of their work. Some questions to help you answer this: Why was this poet important? Were they part of a literary movement? What was the goal of their work? What message were they trying to tell people? Why are they famous? Why are they still known today?
  • Relevance today: Where does this poet's work show up in popular culture today? Is it still discussed today? Give examples.
  • A bibliography page. Site your sources. You may use EasyBib to help you write citations.

All information must be paraphrased in your own words. DO NOT COPY/ PASTE.

The Who

You may have already selected your poet from the list below. If not, let Ms.Kizer know.

  • Robert Herrick

  • Walt Whitman

  • Robert Frost

  • Alfred Tennyson

  • Claude McKay

  • Gwendolyn Brooks

  • Pablo Neruda

  • Sylvia Plath

  • Dylan Thomas

  • William Shakespeare

  • John Keats

  • Mary Shelley

  • Henry David Thoreau

  • Langston Hughes

  • Sterling Brown

  • W. B. Yeats

The How

Select how you will present you project from the options below.

  • A three page story

  • A digital presentation (powerpoint, Prezi, etc.)

  • A digital poster (Smore,,, Canva etc.)

  • A video (Animoto)

  • A biographical monologue written from the poet’s perspective (to perform)

The Where

Don't know where to start? Try some of these. . .

Poetry Foundation

University of Illinois

Poet's House