Don't do Drugs!

or You will regret it

Drugs are bad for you, Don't do drugs!!

1. When drugs get in to the blood stream , they get carried to all parts of the body some of the drugs reach the brain.

2.Drugs affect your physical appearance by sores , large amounts of weight loss and color loss.

3.Drugs can mentally or physically damage you, and in some serious cases even death can occur.

4. Drugs can harm your body so badly that you can die from drugs! why would you want to put drugs in your body?!.

5. Drugs can take the rest of your life away!.. please don't do drugs. 6.Because the lungs provide, the oxygen can directly and effectively to the body,anything and or everything that is inhaled enters the blood and ultimately enter the brain every quickly.

7.once drugs are taken and it enters the bloodstream the heart pumps blood containing the drug to the brain where it will affect on how people feel...

8. Drugs can also have an affect to the heart directly and exacerbate heart disease...