The Karankawa

by:Litzy Whiffin

Location of the Karankawa

The Karankawa live in the golf coast. Their territory was from the west end of Galveston, then down to coast were Corpus Christie is today.

Type of Dwelling

The houses were small huts of long sapling tree trunks or limbs bent over and tied together. These were called wickiup's.

Special Traditions

The Karankawa used smoke to show that an event was about to happen. The chief was always a leader and always the eldest of the group.

Organization of leadership

The Karankawa tribe were not lead by a specified person, but they did have a chief which was the eldest of the group although he did not thoroughly run everything.

where are they located now and what became of them

There's no Karankawa Indians left because when they all met the Europeans, they got sick and all died. They were all gone around the 1700's.

Unique facts or Characteristics

  • The karankawa would share camps and trade with the coahuiltecans at the west end of their territory.
  • The karankawa had their language that no other could understand.