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A Letter From Dr. Carey

October 1, 2021

A Letter From Dr. Carey October 1, 2021

A Letter From Dr. Carey October 1, 2021

Dear Enumclaw School District Community,

As we enter into the second month of the 2021-22 school year, please know that our instructional staff have created a plan for the learning that must occur in classrooms and learning spaces throughout the district. They have also been very purposeful in creating strategic plans for building a positive “culture” for working and learning in our schools.

As has been suggested, and in some circles demanded, by educational organizations across the state and throughout the country, we must spend some time re-acclimating our students to our school environments. No, this doesn’t mean that we won’t be teaching reading, writing and math, but that we will be spending a meaningful amount of time building relationships (and setting expectations) with and among our students.

So, we encourage you to ask what was read in class today, but also ask if the information covered helped your student better understand her/his classmates? Whether or not the relationships built between teacher and student, or student and student, are creating a culture of success for all students? Answers in the “affirmative” will go a long way toward building a foundation for success in school, and more importantly, in life!

Tik Tok Challenge(s)

Parents and guardians, you may have heard that during the month of September, several of our restrooms were vandalized due to a student challenge issued on Tik Tok. It has now been made very public that the “challenges” are meant to continue for the school year.

The challenges called "Devious Licks" encourage school-aged children to participate in negative behaviors during school hours and after school hours on school campuses. Some of the activities involve damage to the school sites, inappropriate touching, assault and other inappropriate behaviors.

It should be known that each of the activities that are encouraged by Tik Tok challenges violate the student Code of Conduct or in some cases, Enumclaw School District (ESD) Board Policy and Conduct Code.

The “challenge” for the month of October has been brought to our attention and we are asking for assistance from ESD parents/guardians. The challenge encourages students to “Smack a staff member on the backside.”

Please be aware that this behavior is a serious offense and will result in one of the following: Suspension, recommendation for expulsion and/or potential police involvement. We ask that if you believe your student might choose to be involved in this behavior, that you have a conversation regarding the potential consequences.

Did you know the Enumclaw School District community has over ten different home languages?! These languages include Japanese, Spanish, Laotian, and Ukrainian just to name a few...

The Enumclaw School District website and newsletters have translation tools capable of translating our school communications into over 50 different languages!

Voluntary COVID Testing Opportunities

The Voluntary PCR COVID Testing Program Has Returned for All Enumclaw School District Staff

In collaboration with the state Department of Health, our school district will continue to participate in a state-funded program for voluntary COVID-19 screening and testing that will help contain the virus, protect our communities, and keep students and teachers healthy and safe.

This testing protocol fits into our larger strategy to contain and control the virus. We have adapted our operational practices to allow for proper countermeasures. Each precaution we take is an added layer of protection, and when used together, dramatically decreases the risk.

Testing Opportunities for Students and Families

The King County COVID testing site located next to EMS will remain open and will continue to provide access to PCR COVID testing for students and the community. For additional information on the testing site or to make an appointment please visit the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enumclaw School District
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