Extra! Extra! The Greece are here!

Read all about the Greece's' government below.


A King or Queen will rule the city-state. The ruler(s) claimed that their gods have gave them the right to rule. They most often had supreme power over everyone else. (obviously)


The government was ruled by a small group of citizens. The group had the right to rule because of either Aristocratic birth, wealth, or land ownership. This group of people ran the government for their own purposes.

Direct Democracy

Although not everyone was a citizen, all of the citizens took part in the government. Wealth of social status did not affect the right to make decisions, The majority always won.


Upper-class or nobility (people who descended from high-born ancestors) ruled the government.


A wealthy person would ask for the support of poor people to help them over throw the ruler(s). They would promise the poor people something in return like canceling their debts to the wealthy, but eventuality they couldn't keep all their promises so this would happen over and over again. These people took power illegal.


A person who is loyal to the government and has protection by that government. In Greece they had to be born to parents who were free citizens. Upper-class had power but both the upper-class and the lower-class are citizens.

limited Democracy

Not everybody was a citizen. Only free adult males were citizens. Women, slaves, and foreigners were not citizens.

WhIch One?

Which one of these ancient Greece governments are most like are government today? If you said Direct Democracy your correct! To this day we have a government that allows anybody that's 18 or older to vote.