The Oldest Breed

Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. They were used in the Arabian Peninsula to make traveling easier. They also happened to make great warriors in battle and thieves in the night. Men would ride to enemy tribes under the cover of darkness, and steal anything they could before the other men's dogs (Afghan Hounds mostly) awoke the camp. Men would take sheep, goats, camels and horses. Many horses could live in several dozen camps in their lifetime. Mares (female horses) were often top pick because they were quieter then the stallions (male horses) because they would often call out to the mares.
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A World of Many Colors

Arabians can come in a variety of colors. In the Arabian Peninsula, they liked black mares for they were harder to see in darkness. Today, they come in bay (brown body, black mane and tail), chestnut (brown body as well as mane and tail), gray (could be light, dark, or with dapples. A horse is not WHITE it is GRAY.), black, roan, buckskin, as well as many other colors and varieties of those mentioned.
The Quiet Man EQ 2007 Arabian Stallion

Arabian Moves

Arabians are dance-like horses. They move with grace and power. The classic look is a dished face, fancy pick-up leg movement, and a wide swept tail held up and fanning. Many Arabians are used now in shows, basically, riding around in an arena trying to look prettier and fancier then everyone else.

Kenny Chesney

Wild Child (with Grace Potter) by Kenny Chesney

Wild Child by Kenny Chesney

The song 'Wild Child' relates to the entire breed of Arabians because they are wild and graceful in every way. They are the picture of being wild and having their own minds and ways of moving.


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