By: Zane Short

Song of the Family

This song is very relatable to the song of the family because it is all happy and joyful. Kino feels so descriptive and thoughtful about everything while he's with his family. Especially during the mornings. He's very peaceful and buzzing with happiness.

In this song Mario and/or Luigi are happy and very cheerful while jumping of turtles and shrooms.

Super Mario Bros Official Theme Song
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Song of the enemy

The song of the enemy comes up many different times during the book. Kino hears this whenever there's a hint of danger or Terror among them.

This soundtrack is a very loud and deep soundtrack and it portrays danger and excitement. Which can be good or bad depend on the circumstances. But in the book it does not mean good at all.

Start song at 3:10

Edge Of Tomorrow - Soundtrack

Song of the Pearl

The Pearl makes them nobody's from a tribe that is considered a very poor tribe. Compared to the people from the city. But once Kino finds the pearl everyone wants to befriend him and his family and want him to start donating and stuff like that.

Kino knows what could happen with him and the pearl and Juana knows what will happen but anything she says to Kino would not listen to her.

The Script - Hall of Fame ft.
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Song of the Pearl (End of Book)

This song is a bit ominous and dangerous. Just like the pearl was at the end of the book. It looks very devilish and scary.

At the end of the book Kino didn't want to throw the pearl away but Kino had to because of all the pain and suffering the pearl brought to them.

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack

Song of Evil

This is the song of evil that kino hears when the guy tries to break into kinos house and when he kills the man and when the trackers come.

this song is when jaws is about to come and in the movie jaws is an evil thing.

Jaws Theme Song
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Song of Book

This song represents the life of kino without the pearl, with the pearl and without the pearl again. He is very happy without the pearl. But still has a not so good life. Then the pearl comes along and he is all of a sudden very well known and becomes intent on getting as much money and fame as possible from it. But then when it starts tearing him apart he becomes an animal. Then his life gets ripped apart by the trackers and he would never be the same.
Linkin Park - Numb
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