Onecoin has Break Every Record in History

Onecoin Bank


The owner and founder of OneCoin Company Dr.Ruja Ignatova purchased an offshore bank with a client base. Now OneCoin is the first and only company in the world of MLM with own bank!

The Bank will issue OneCards with a new design and logo of the company and will soon begin sending them to partners.

Verification procedure will be easier. The procedure for obtaining the cards in different countries will soon published by the company.

Yes, you read it right. OneCoin will now have its own bank. This requires much application process and approval process. But it will solve many challenges we encounter in the field in trying to process education packages quickly. It also sets us apart from every other networking company in regards to our infrastructure as a company.

It shows how innovative and forward thinking our owner is. She's always 30 steps ahead of everyone else. She prepares for our future and implements necessary strategies long before they're needed. This brings major strength, security, and promotes a long lasting opportunity once all our applications are approved and bank locations are finalized.

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OneCoin Is Over A Million Members

So i have been in this company for 6 months now, when i started in this company total members was just 300,000, just today we have a very HUGE transformation we are now Over 1 million. This Company has break every record in the history. It has a total of 1.2 billion Dollars of revenue in just 12 months... Onecoin just started with .50 cents last October 2014 and this January 2016 we are now 4.85 US Dollars in value.Imagine how fast it is growing.

Alexa Trafic Ranks

Onecoin is beyond your wildest dream. It is Bigger than you know Better than you Think..
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Onecoin Phase II

As we are now approaching our phase 2. more and more merchants are going to open their doors for onecoin as a medium exchange for services and Goods.
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Onecoin Debit Master Card

Onecoin has its own MasterCard The first ever Cryptocurrency that has it own Master Debit Card. So onecoin is accepted world wide where ever master card is accepted.
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