Hey ladies! Wanna feel beautiful?

Come to HHB 104 at 12:00pm, April 16th

Ask yourself...

  1. Am I beautiful and why?
  2. Do I compare myself to any other woman?
  3. Does any other woman think that I am beautiful?

EVERY woman is BEAUTIFUL in her own way

We all know that we look different from each other. So why do most of us women think that we aren't beautiful? The answer is because the media represents women in an unrealistic manner, it makes women feel insecure. We compare ourselves to women in magazines, movies, and even celebrities.

How is the media representing women in an unrealistic manner?

Women are represented in:
  1. Magazines- Women tend to be photo edited in magazines, making the look impossible. We are all human and have blemishes, dark spots, or even freckles.
  2. Movies- The clothing that women wear in movies tend to be tight, revealing, and fit for one body type; but every woman has a different body shape and type.
  3. Celebrities- Female celebrities tend to be known for their beauty, Women look at them daily and crave to look like them. What women don't know is that they are either have make-up caked on or have had plastic surgery. That is not real beauty.

How to overcome these insecurities?

  • Stop comparing yourself to other women
  • Stop trying to fix yourself, when there is nothing broken
  • Tell yourself that YOU are BEAUTIFUL every single day
  • Focus on what you like about yourself

If you wanna learn more, please come to the meeting!