VCR Lesson 3

Melissa Haueter

Fill in the blank with the correct word from lesson 3.

The _________ fashion trend started in Europe and spread across the world.
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adj. spread throughout a wide geographic area: worldwide


PAN <G. "all"

DEMOS <G. "people"


  • universal
  • broad
  • sweeping


  • rare
  • exclusive
  • narrow


The word pandemic is often used in relation to diseases. Examples of pandemic diseases are smallpox, characteristics, black death, and zika virus. All of these diseases are easily transmittable and deadly, these characteristics enable them to have large impacts on the global population.

Choose the sentence with the incorrect usage.

A. Advances in technology have created a social media pandemic.

B. New York experienced a flue pandemic, last winter.

C. The Silk Road caused the black plague pandemic to spread quickly in the mid 1300's.

D. Today, pandemics occur easily due to interdependence.


The answer is B.

Pandemic is used in place of epidemic. Epidemics stay withing a general location, while pandemics spread across the globe.