Rivers and Springs

Ecology Project By Dr.Van and Dr.Martinez


Imagine floating down a river and seeing the animals and trees, maybe getting bitten by a few mosquitoes, and swimming in an ice-cold spring. That what the rivers and springs are like.Some well known rivers and springs are Wekiva Springs, Rainbow Springs, and Kelly Springs. Rivers and springs are protected by the state. The closest example of a river and spring is Wekiva Springs in Altamonte Springs, Florida (about 25-30 minutes away from my house).One endangered species in our ecosystem is the Florida Panther. There are only 100-180 adults in the wild. An interesting thing about our ecosystem is the fact that many native Floridians take these rivers and springs as an attraction, a place to go for fun (my aunt is one of them). A fun thing to do while at a river is to kayak or canoe down the river. A fun thing to do in the spring in the surrounding waters of a spring, or swimming down in to the spring.


The Rivers are so great to soak your feet in and relax. It just looks like a little snake which you just want to touch that is not venomous but instead cleanse you of your worries and pain. There is also lots of animals that are simply something to be in awe.With the sound of slow flowing water and smell of fish river are nature's natural marvel. To go see a river go to Crystal River Preserve state park to feel the same sensation as me.


Springs the sensation cool flowing water when its summer. Perfect to find a place when there is no where else to cool off. With almost every spring polluted it smells clean and clear. They are one of the best places to see animals and then they are perfect to have a picnic near and just have fun. One place that you should go to is Wekiva Springs.

Some Animals living in Rivers and Springs

Abotic Factors

  • The Rivers and Springs ecosystem is an aquatic ecosystem
  • The soil found in rivers and springs are sand, clay, and limestone
  • The average temperatures are 68-72 degrees Farenheit year-round
  • The Rivers and Springs ecosystem has freshwater
  • The average humidity is 57-87% year round
  • The rain gives the rivers and springs more water, and the wind blows the water downstream
  • The Rivers and Springs get alot of sunlight, but some is covered by trees and other plants
  • Nutrients come from the rain for the producers, and the producers for the consumers
  • Major sources of pollution include trashbeing thrown into the rivers and liquids like beer and soda from the canoeing and kayaking in the rivers and springs

Biotic Factors

  • The major plants in this ecosystem include blackgum, bladderwort, buttonbush, cattail, cottonwood, pickerelweed, red maple, and wild rice.
  • The animals in this ecosystem include the alligator snapping turtle, Amercan alligator, beaver, belted kingfisher, crayfish, dragonflies, Florida manatee, mayflies, river cooter, river otter, snails, and wood duck.
  • The decomposers in this ecosystem include amoeba, mushrooms, and lichen.

Negative Human Impacts On The Ecosystem

The impact that humans have on a river and springs are major pollution in the rivers which would affect the algae and animals in the ecosystem. They modify the flow of the river which drain the animals and fish in the river. The third problem would be the introduction of the exotic species which would lead to the extinction of native animals. The final problem is way too much fishing which reduce the of fish inside the ecosystem.

The Positive Impacts

The positive impacts that had happened were that the springs and rivers were used to create recreational parks where people can have fun and relax. Also that rivers and springs are using hydroelectric or building hydraulic dams to have renewable power.
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Food Web

Apex Predator

-American Alligator



-River Otter

-American Alligator Snapping Turtle

-Wood Duck


-River Cooter


-Belted Kingfisher



-Pickerel Weed



-Wild rice





Florida's life blood

Springs provide water that could be used for drinking water that is really useful for when there is almost no water.Springs are also helpful for when they are the starting point for river that which would give another place for water also give water for farming in the countryside.These two things are what make Springs and Rivers important.

Endangered animals

The Florida Panther is an endangered species from Florida. There are only about 100-180 adults left in the wild. They grow to 6-7 feet and live or about 12 years in the wild. When they are on land, they cross roads and get hit by cars. There habitats are being taken due to construction. They can also get diseases, like feline leukemia.

American Alligator










About Us

We are both are Ecologist who are sent from the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory who are supposed to be researching the Kissimmee River. With the order to send our research back,we thought that we will send by flyer to everyone in the world. Coming right from Kissimmee river this is the scientist who will be going to the Amazon next (maybe).

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