Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter-

August 25,2016

What is going on?

August 29th-Sept 2

Math: This week will be filled with a continuation of graphing. Students will be collecting data to make their own graphs, then making conclusions from the information. Students will work to understand that data can be represented visually using table, charts and graphs. We will learn that the length of the bar in a bar graph or the pictures in a pictograph represents the number of data points in a given category.

Reading: We are continuing to establish the routines, habits and the foundation of our Reader’s Workshop. We are continuing to build stamina in our independent reading and how to choose books appropriately for one’s self. Students will also be learning about “schema” or background knowledge. Students will analyze what they know, their prior knowledge, can help them understand and create meaning when reading new books. At the end of the week ask your child to explain the following connection codes: T-S, T-T, and T-W. (Answer: T-S=text-to-self, T-T=text-to-text, T-W=text to world)

Writing: We are continuing to create the foundation of our Writer’s Workshop through the establishment of routines, appropriate habits and building writing stamina. Students will be creating a map of their heart’s favorite things ( i.e. family, interests, etc.) as a pre-writing, brainstorming activity. Our goal is for students to write a personal narrative about topics of their own interest.

Science & Social Studies: The overarching theme is social studies this year is community. Students will learn about our local, state and national communities. This week we will be learning about the relationship between and community and its citizen. We will review the characteristics of a good citizen.

Classroom Needs:

If each child could have their own handheld pencil sharpener. This would be great!

Clorox Wipes-

Dixie Cups

Rain Jacket with a hood

Rain boots

Special Dates:

August 30th- Back to School Night (5:30-6:45) My classroom

September 5th- Labor Day Holiday (no school)

Spotlight Stallions:

We are still learning about expectations. Spotlight Stallions will be chosen once we have covered all areas.


Yeah hoo! I love my new class! We had a great first week!