Valentine's Day Announcement!

February 1, 2016

Dear Kindergarten Families:

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and in honor we will be focusing on the friendships we have made at school. Our class will be having a friendship celebration, including the passing out of Valentines.

If you could please send 1 box (Kleenex, an old shoe box or a small repurposed shipping box) and some decorating materials (stickers, foam shapes, ribbons or other embellishments) for your child to use to school by February 8th it would be greatly appreciated.

Together we will cover and decorate the boxes! The teachers will make the slit for the valentines. Please write your child’s name on the bottom of the box.

On Thursday, February 11th, we will be having our Valentine’s Day celebration where the children will have a chance to pass out valentines to their classmates. If your child choses to pass out valentines, please make sure there is one per child. If unable, please let us know and we can happily send materials home with you!

Thank you!

Mrs. Illi, Mrs. Yula & Miss Langerhans

AM Classmates

Jesse Berbon

Taylor Cossaboon

Hailey Cranmer

Lily Erdelyi

Emily Ewan

Aidan Galtman

Ryan Galtman

Madison Hill

Marisa Jones

Abby Kelly

Chase Kelly

Robert Lopez

Darrian Smith

Gia Walker

Isaac Werschulz

PM Classmates

Emily Baron

Cameron Clark

Frank DeFalco

Bennett Durkin

Dylan Kron

Willyannette Nieves-Perez

Alexa Racobaldo

Julianna Reed

Edward Rymarz

Salvatore Sottile

Jacob Steinbeck

Jack Trochimowicz

William Wileczek

Efsa Zivali