By: Steffani Davis

How i got interested

I started cooking because I watched my mom and it looked fun putting stuff together to make a meal. It was fun then I started making different food and using different ingredients than she did.

Putting things together

 I just started putting things together like  when I made eggs I put salsa in them and cheese, my family thought I was crazy. Since they tried it and it was actually good and now we eat it all the time. I also put M&M’S in my pancake mix, and it was good it took the place of chocolate chips. Although i have had some bad recipes like, snickers in brownies and it did not come our right the brownies were not done and I wasted a whole snicker. There has been more that did not turn out graet but i dont give up and i keep trying.

Best 2 Meals

 The best thing I made was chicken and shrimp  Fettuccine, it was awesome but I thought it was was going to be gross. When I was finish it was actually good and now I always cook it all the time, and everybody eats it up. My second best meal  is waffles I love making them, because it is easy and fun I got the recipe from my grandpa and they are awesome. Out of these my favorite thing to cook is waffels because there quick and easy and so sweet.

The present

 I can really cook now, and know what I am doing I feel very  comfortable with it. What got me comfortable is keep tring to and not giving up. After I got used to it it became easy, and I just love playing around with food in the kitchen. My family also loves it when i make new food with differnt ingridents to spice it up instead of just plain ingridents. 
I would like to tahnk google for the pictures, and my mom for helping me! :)