Causes of World War I

Start of "New Weapon", Wilson's 14 Points, and the Impact

WWI started between 4 main causes: Militarism, Alliance Systems, Imperial systems, and Nationalism.

Start of WWI- 4 Main Causes

1. Alliance Systems are countries that agreed to help each other if an attack occurs.

2. Imperial systems are Britain, Italy, France and Germany scrambles for new colonies in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

3. Nationalism is pride or devotion to one's country and encouraged unity but also put nations up against one another.

4. Militarism- government belief of having a good military based on standards

New Weapons In WWI- WWI was full of many different weapons and devices used for destruction. One of these main factor weapons changed the evolution of war, the machine gun. The machine gun was a rapid burst rifle that carried .50 Cal bullets that could rip vehicles and also humans apart shooting over 300 rounds per minute.

Who Was On Who's Side? On the Allied Powers side there was Germany, France, US and Russia.. While the Central Powers were Austria-Hungary then along came the Triple-Entente. Fighting over power and land resources.

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