The six-time Grey Cup champion Mike O'Shea is a fan of soccer, Dairy Queen and his hometown of North Bay

Winnipeg starts its quest to win the third time in a row for the Grey Cup with season opener on Friday. Mike O'Shea is in pretty uncommon in the game. After 16 years of being a top linebacker, he was voted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in the year 2017. The 51-year old has since been awarded two consecutive Grey Cups as head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and has championship rings on seven of his fingers.

But is it true that O'Shea ever consider his role on the map of Canadian Football League history? "Of course I don't. You know why? Because I'm from North Bay," O'Shea declared. "That wouldn't fly with my buddies."

O'Shea has been a kid who used to make banana splits in the owned and operated by the O'Shea family Dairy Queen in North Bay He ended up playing football due to his inability to be removed from the hockey team . He remembers fondly studying game film when he was an alumnus at Widdifield Secondary School.

Interview with Markus Schwabe, the host of the CBC Radio's Morning North, O'Shea talked about the reasons he didn't think that he'd be coach, how winning the Grey Cup is better as the player, and why he doesn't think over his "cup of coffee" he was served during his time in the National Football League.

Then, in December The Blue Bombers became the first CFL team since the 2010 Montreal Alouettes to repeat as Grey Cup champions, defeating the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in overtime by 33-25 at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton.

Winnipeg was losing in the match against Toronto's Tiger-Cats 22,10 at the conclusion of the fourth quarter, however in the fourth quarter, Tiger-Cats had scored 15 points and had no answer. The field goal was 13 yards scored by Hamilton resulted in overtime. The quarterback Zach Collaros threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Darvin Adams in Winnipeg's first game during the extra-period and was followed by a two-point score scored by Rasheed Bailey.

The left shoulder acts as dedicated to "Home of the Loudest Fans" by displaying Bombers fans enjoying the team's successes and the backdrop of the season and IG Field.

The right shoulder is occupied in place by the diamonds used by the players and their positions and is highlighted with the backdrop of the soccer field. The front is covered with blue sapphires that are further enhanced by Blue Bombers and Back-To-Back wordmarks in yellow gold.

Strategically placed above the wrap of The rings are strategically placed over the wrap of Winnipeg to commemorate strategically placed above the wrapping of 108 and Winnipeg to honor Grey Cup and winning city. They also include an image of the Bombers "W" logo at the top of the image which depicts what's known as"the" Grey Cup and the bottom part is decorated with 33 diamonds, which represents the amount of points that players scored during the last match. The sides of these rings carry the words "Back-to-Back in honor of the team that took home the Grey Cup in both 2019 and 2021. "It nearly caused me to break down to cry." one of the biggest offensive players Jermarcus Hardrick shared on

Furthermore, they are the most effective bookends you will find, featuring DL Jackson Jeffcoat and Willie Jefferson. The secondary is helmed by Winston Rose and Brandon Alexander who are among the smartest footballers of the CFL for their ability to make huge plays. Their defense will be stout and very defensive. It shouldn't come as a shock that they end their regular season as the team that has the lowest number of points allowed.

Toronto Argonauts. McLeod Thompson Thompson will be back at his best, just like he did in the year of 2019. Thompson will become a better team in 2022. Three big additions to the team of RB Andrew Harris, WR Brandon Banks and DE Ja'Gared D. Davis are expected to have a significant impact to the current Boatmen for the forthcoming season. It's evident that Toronto Argonauts are more of an overall more successful group than in the previous season. One of the biggest problems that was fixed was the lack of rushes to the pass in pressing quarterbacks regularly. The defensive end Shane Ray is now healthy. He'll play a major role along with Ja'Gared's Davis in applying pressure during the season.

Since then since then, the Toronto Argonauts lost the Grey Cup in 1987, losing to Edmonton. The Double Blue have been through to win the Grey Cup in all the games they took part in, and have won in the years 1991, 1997, 1998, 2004 and 2005, and in 2005 and. Are they on the verge of the final days?

Zack Collaros. I think he'll be the best football player of the season with various passing statistics. He's likely to pass the 4,000-pass mark this season, and also throw more than 35 TD passes. In the past, his interceptions that he's in the course of this season is in single figures except for 2018 when he threw 13 interceptions. I believe his accuracy is impressive. I'd be shocked should he continue to display the same precision.

"I've been very fortunate and blessed to play with many great teams, many great coaches," Davis stated. "To arrive at this place and to have an excellent relationship with half the staff who coach . . . And then I have quit one family to become an integral part of another.

"Just being able to come over here and be a part of what they're planning to get together and want to do, it has great opportunity."

The 31-year-old American had 19 sacks and 93 tackles and three forced fumbles over his two seasons with Hamilton. In 5 CFL years, Davis has registered 216 tackles and 42 sacks.

While he's on an entirely different team, Davis is still in his own area. Argos Director of Football Ryan Dinwiddie is a former Calgary assistant coach and defensive coordinator. Toronto the defensive coordinator Corey Mace was Davis's defensive line coach when the team was the Stampeders. Coach of the defensive backs Joshua Bell was also a Davis's co-worker during his stint at Calgary (2016-17).

"It's like rekindling an old flame," Davis declared regarding reconnecting with Mace. "I still follow some of his suggestions many years ago.

"(It's great) just being able to hear it again and help the new guys here learn his philosophies and get everyone on the same page."