Digital Citizenship Project

Alijah F., Period 6

The 7 Rules of Digital Citizenship

Digital Etiquette

Rule #1: Be Kind.

Make sure you be nice on social media, text, etc. Say nice things and don't start flame wars. Having polite manners on the internet is a good thing because you are dealing with a human being in that situation on the internet too. So if you hurt there feelings it's a problem because they're really upset. So think before you say. Be a good person not a troll.

Information Privacy

Rule #2: Private information.

Keep your information private!
If a website asks you for your personal information make sure you read what they are going to do with your information. They can sell your information and people can spam and get into your email. Sometimes on social media it is bad to show what you are doing. For example, malware. Malware is something that people can use to find when and what websites you visit and find your information on what you did there.

Social Networking

Rule #3: Think Before You Post.

If you are going to join a social network like instagram, vine, or snapchat make sure you get your parents permission. If you have something personal you want to post think it over. Do you want anyone to see anything personal in your life? If someone wants to friend you make sure they're a good person you can trust or you know them. For example, you're having a party. Do you want to invite someone to a party and they are strangers?

Online Safety

Rule #4: Watch Out What You Search Online

Online is a scary place to be. If you search something up on the internet make sure it is a legible website. Meaning does it have good information, does it ask for your personal life, etc. If you are on a website you're able to post things on it (social media) it could track where you are. Meaning it's tracking where you took that picture. People can track that picture and sell it online. So be safe online!


Rule #5: Don't Hurt People On the Internet

Being nice is a key to the internet. Don't hurt people's feelings. If you are texting, DMing, or even speaking to someone don't be mean. Especially if you don't actually know who they are. If you're mean and you make them cry, sad, or hurt this is counted as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying someone on the internet. So don't be a cyberbully and be nice!


Rule #6: Don't Copy Someone Else's Work

Do not copy off someone's work! Meaning if you do it is plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone and not giving credit. Plagiarism is an illegal act that someone does on the internet. Say you copy and paste a picture. Give the link or give the person who made/took the picture. So for now on if you use someone else's work give credit!


Rule #7: Copying someone's phrase/picture

Ask for permission! If a picture has a sign of copyright you have to have permission from the creator.