FA 3-5 at Allen Elementary

News and Notice!

Today was an exciting day here in FA!

Station 4 from Frisco fire department came to visit us and show us all about their uniforms and trucks! It was an exciting time for all of us and we learned a lot about what to do if there's ever an emergency. Last week we got to meet officer Werner who helped us learn all about police officers and their jobs as community helpers. I encourage you all to continue this lesson at home and touch on the following topics with your kiddos:

· 911 green

· Having a meeting place for your family if there's an emergency

· When to call 911

· How to cross the street (stop, look, listen)

· What to do if you get lost, who to go to


Our third-graders went on a super fun field trip this week to the American railroad museum and had so much fun seeing all the trains!

Here at school we have transitioned to talking about animals in science and their needs, habitats, physical attributes, and environments.

In social skills we have become talking about the Unthinkables and Superflex which is a social skills curriculum using cartoon superheroes to help children to regulate their feelings and emotions. You will be receiving more information about this next week.

The kids of been excelling in both math and reading and have shown great progress even in my short time here.

We were very sad that open house got canceled on Tuesday and due to the fact that I too am a student we will be rescheduling our class open house to Monday afternoon from 3:15 to 4:15 PM. If this time does not accommodate you or your family please let me know and we can schedule another time to visit about your student's success!

Open house will be that evening for the rest of the school including the student's gen ed classrooms and meeting the new principal. I truly appreciate your understanding.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns! I truly believe "it takes a village to raise a child," and I am honored to be part of your "villages" :)

Have a wonderful week!

Allen Reminders:


All families:

Our awesome Allen Students will be taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) on the dates below. We love our parents and visitors at Allen, but for test security and confidentiality on testing days, visitors will not be permitted at any time. We are asking all parents to please schedule lunch with your child and volunteer activities on days other than those listed below.

Thank you very much for your support of a secure and successful testing experience for our students involved in STAAR and to make Allen a great school!



Monday, 5/9

3rd Math

4th Math

Tuesday, 5/10

3rd Reading

4th Reading

Wednesday, 5/11

5th Science