Meat & Potatoes

May 9 - May 14

Up & Coming Events


Tuesday - OW/AMCMS Band Concert

Thursday - Lemonade Day, PTO Staff Appreciation

Friday - Lemonade Day, Sno Cones for Penny Wars Winners

Grade Deadlines & Report Cards

Intermediate Campuses - Tuesday, 5/24 at 4pm, delivered Thursday, 5/26

Counselor's Corner


Thank you for being patient! Please let us know if you have any questions related to the schedule or general STAAR questions.

Mrs. Zumwalt will be in the STAAR closet - Lecture hall - around 7:20 every morning if you would like to pick up your materials.

Mr. Felder is delivering snacks and water - please keep them in a safe location.

6th grade teachers should have dictionaries for Tuesday. Please let us know if you need any.

Thanks again for all your help.

Electives for next year!

Our elective teachers are communicating via announcements so please make sure you show announcements!


AVID has two field trips in May:

May 13 - Texas Transportation Institute - All Day

May 16 - Admission's Possible - 12:30-2:30 at AMCHS

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Behavior Tip of the Week:

As we near the end of the school year remember that relationships with our students are just as important as they were at the beginning of the year. Many students "check out" at the end of the year as they begin to focus on summer, while others "act out" because their worry of what summer may bring for them begins to grow. Remember the various student home lives and situations you manage each day as we prepare for the end of the year. Remember, that RELATIONSHIPS continue to be KEY.

This simple cartoon reminds us of the Do's and Don't of building positive student teacher relationships (

PRIM Strategy 11 ( gives us ideas for how to work with students who are having difficulty concentrating. Some suggestions include breaking down small tasks into more manageable chunks, following a less desirable task with a more desirable task or reward, and assessing yourself and the quality of your directions to be certain your expectations were clearly communicated.

Relay for Life

Please join your team on the OW track tomorrow for Relay for Life. Please wear your Relay for Life Tshirt (if you ordered one) and meet by the A/B Honor Roll Board at 7:40 for a campus photo in the morning.

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All ICS Google Form evaluations should be submitted to later than 5/6/16@4pm.

The FINAL round of SPED progress reports will be sent through Google Forms Wednesday May 11th and will be due no later than May 18th by 4pm.

REMINDER: Content MASTERY and ALL COMPUTER LABS will be closed 5/9 - 5/16 for STAAR testing

Bus Duty

The FALCONS are the team required to send two teachers (with their team's radio) to the bus loop each day at 4:00.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.