Harvest Drop Off/Pick Up Reminders


Morning Drop Off

  • Do not park anywhere in the drop-off loop or anywhere in the drive leading into the loop. If you need to enter the building, please park in the lot adjacent to the drop-off loop or the parking lot on the south end of the building and come into the building.

  • The morning drop-off is a seven-second drop-off. Do not wait to watch your child enter the building.

  • Traffic will begin to back up into the parking areas. As always, you may choose to park in either lot and walk your child to the front door. If you park in the south lot, you may not walk between school buses; it is not safe, our drivers cannot see you passing between the buses. You must walk before the first or last bus in the line.

  • Children MUST exit the car on the passenger (curb) side of the vehicle while in the drop-off loop. Parents may not exit their vehicle while in the drop-off loop. If your child needs to exit the car on the driver’s side, please park your vehicle in a designated parking space, exit the car and walk him/her to the sidewalk. Children may then proceed to the entrance on their own.

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • Do not leave your car unattended at any time in the pickup loop or the drive into and out of the school!

  • Do not park or stand at end of parking lanes or along curbs.

  • Kindergarten & first-grade students must be picked up from their teacher.

  • Students may not walk into the pickup loop to enter a vehicle. They may ONLY enter the car at the curb and enter on the passenger side.

  • When parking in either parking lot you must walk to the sidewalk and meet your child there. Students may not walk into the parking lot unattended at any time!

Important Reminders

  • Children are not allowed to walk a car in the parking lot unattended; you must meet him/her on the sidewalk and walk your child to the car. Parents are often in too great a hurry, and accidents do happen.
  • The pickup loop is a single loop, DO NOT wait two cars abreast and have your child walk between cars to your car on the inside lane. This lane at the end of the day is only for cars moving out the pick-up line to exit from the school.
  • DO NOT use the bus loop to pick up your child or park your car; you will be blocked in by the buses.
  • The parking lot on the south end of the building, off of Suncrest Drive is one way only. You must make the right into the parking lot and drive around to enter the parking lot; please do not drive straight through into the lot. There is a sign identifying ONE WAY.

End of the Day

  • You should not let your children play on the lawn between the front of the school and street. We have had children nearly roll onto Campus Parkway in front of oncoming traffic.

  • If your child/children are playing on the lawn, they are your responsibility. Harvest staff is busy attending students who are waiting for buses.

  • The Harvest sign is off limits and should NEVER be climbed on by anyone.