CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--September 2nd, 2015

In This Issue:

  • DIBELS Next Screening
  • Reflections from the August 27th Session with Yvette Jackson

Fall Reading Screening For All Elementary Students

Where do I find the DIBELs screening materials again?

It is that time of year again! Screening data needs to be in iCue by September 21st. There are materials and directions for screening, entering data in iCue and year long screening requirements on the Literacy Site.

Staff Reflections from the August 27th Session with Yvette Jackson

Thank you for sharing your story of how Yvette Jackson inspired you to help reach our mission. Here are a few of the teacher reflections submitted in Schoology:

  • During the first week of school we want to set the tone for helping students feel successful. We want to talk with the students about their strengths and then draw their strengths along with hopes and dreams. We also want to continue to use morning meetings to encourage student voice. In general, more opportunities to talk.

  • I plan to work on building community in my classroom from day one. One activity I plan to use is to ditch hopes and dreams and tweak it to focus on student strengths, goals, and things they have in common with their peers and their teacher.

  • We will be focusing on the strengths of our students right away in the fall. Then we will be showing this to our parents during the first set of conferences. We wish to focus on the positives (i.e. "I have noticed your child's strengths are...") rather than the negatives (i.e. this is what your child does not know..."). Our hope and goal is to build relationships and make our students feel at home ;).
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