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Epsilon State || Southeast District

Volume 23, Number 3, November 1, 2016

DELTA KAPPA GAMMA promotes professional and personal growth

of women educators and excellence in education.

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From the President: F. Margret Atkinson

Gamma Eta sisters,

I hope this finds you well and I hope everyone continues to find peace in your lives since we last saw each other.

Thank you for providing inspiration for so many women educators.

Don't forget that there are several resources, including scholarships, on the Epsilon state website.

Our Christmas dinner order (for the Christmas meeting in December) is due in November.

Implementation of my two-pronged vision:

1. Shifting our technological paradigm:

Our website now includes a brief history and celebrations of Gamma Eta (at the bottom of the home page). I'm so proud to be a part of this chapter.

International's fantastic website is still a wonderful tool, and Laura will share how you can use it to show your DKG pride.

The short tutorial earlier in the year on how to navigate the communities section can still be found here.

Don't forget that your member number is a six digit number that can be found on your membership card. Your temporary password is dkg2014society, and you can change it once you log-in. Laura will have your new membership cards at the meeting, if you haven't picked yours up yet!!

2. Building membership by working towards a balance of commitment to engaging community building:

Thus far, we have made four deliveries to teachers in need through our project, "Restoring One Classroom at a Time."

Pi Chapter of Zeta State (Mississippi) has reached out to us, facilitated by our fabulous Epsilon president, Judy. I will pick up supplies they have gathered for Epsilon state teachers. I have coordinated with Chris Wall for this donation, and she has given us this information about Pi Chapter:

"Pi Chapter is one of the largest and most active chapters in the Central District of MS. We draw members from three distinct counties - Rankin, Scott and Simpson. We were organized in 1955 by Miss Ruth Boyd. Currently, we have 40 active members, 22 of these are employed as classroom instructors, college professors, principals or state/district administrative staff, or as educational consultants. Those who are retired are still very busy with community service projects, grandchildren and church activities. Eight of our members are National Board Certified teachers. During the 2015-2017 Zeta State biennium, we have 6 members who are serving in state positions. On an average, we have at least 4-6 members who regional conferences and the International convention and approximately 25 who attend district meetings and the Zeta State Convention. Chapter members are anxious to lead and support a great organization, like Delta Kappa Gamma Society International."

The fact that this project has now officially crossed state lines is exciting. I will highlight the delivery and Chris in our next newsletter.

We have continued to have donors reach out, and this project is not going to end anytime soon.

Thank you for going on this journey with me as we continue to grow and seek excellence in education.

As always, I appreciate dialogue and welcome a conversation, so don't hesitate to email me at

With much love,


Scholarship Opportunities (through Epsilon state)

Please look at some of scholarships and consider applying if you meet the qualifications!

First Vice President: Debbie Usie

When Thanksgiving is mentioned, we often think of extended family, delicious food, and our many blessings. Giving thanks should be included and one of those thanks should be dedicated to our Veterans of our Armed Services.

The program for the November Meeting is about World War II and the wartime ballot. This should be a most interesting presentation, and a time to reflect about the sacrifices made during this era. I certainly hope all of you will be able to make the meeting.

Until then, take some time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful fall weather, perhaps while reading Still Alice, this year's Gamma Eta choice for our February book discussion or maybe to brush up on your World War II knowledge in preparation for November's meeting with Collin Makamson from the museum in New Orleans.

You can always email me at if you ever have any questions.

November meeting (November 15, 2016)

Chapter meeting program:

World War II and the wartime ballot; Legislative Concerns-Renee Siccone


6:00 pm until 8:00 pm


Walk On's Bistreaux

7425 Corporate Blvd.


Mary Jane Clark and Carol Peltier

Second Vice President: Linda Landry

Our chapter is proud to announce the addition of two new members, Sarah Gallion and Michele Stagg. These young ladies have interesting, diverse backgrounds.

Sarah teaches in the Zachary School District and Michele is associated with the Special School District in making policies.

We are fortunate to have great new talent among us and look forward to their contributions.

I hope we all have an exciting year, and you can contact me at

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Treasurer: Laura Grubb (our Rosebud!)

Thanks so much for everyone’s attention and promptness to dues! I really appreciate it!

Our DKG Christmas Party is on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:30 at City Café. The address is 4710 O’Neal Lane in Baton Rouge. It looks to be a fun and delicious time! The cost for the meal is $30. Please mail the order form and check for $30 made out to Delta Kappa Gamma – Gamma Eta to me as soon as possible.

Please be sure to get your membership cards for 2016-2017 from me.

DKG merchandise, such as pens, tote bags, and jewelry, you can visit

I look forward to serving you as treasurer, and I can always be reached at

DKG merchandise

You can purchase pens, tote bags, and jewelry, all branded to show your DKG pride.

Secretary: Katie Ferguson

Chapter members, please send me (via email) any news of member's concerns and celebrations so I can recognize you.

Should there be any corrections needed to the minutes, please contact me at

Epsilon State

Epsilon State has a great website with great resources on it. Be sure to look at it as well!

Editor's Edicts: Barbara Verdin

.......As it was in the 60's.......

Several of us began our teaching careers in the 1960's. Wow! Things were sure different then. I thought it would be fun to share with everyone the staunch rules that were in effect during that era. Believe me, these are for real!

1. For women teachers, only dresses or skirts could be worn at school. The only exception was for P.E. Teachers. Men wore dress shirts and ties. Jeans were unheard of.

2. Stockings (panty hose) were a definite requirement. A run could get you sent home.

3. Pregnancies must be reported by the end of the first trimester, and leave taken for the remainder of the pregnancy. By the way, you certainly had no pay.

4. The only phones available to teachers were usually located in the Teacher's Lounge and/or the office. No conversation was private.

5. Elementary teachers ate with their students everyday, providing direct supervision.

6. Most school cafeterias provided delicious goodies for teachers placed in the Teacher's Lounge. Items included Cinnamon Rolls, Cheese Toast, Biscuits, etc. All hot and fresh. Talk about yummy!

7. Smoking was allowed in the Teacher's Lounge.

8. Mimeograph Machine was the method of making copies for school. Purple Ink on the fingers and clothes was common. Some teachers were called "Ditto Queens."

9. Kindergarten started out as a half-day program.

10. Boys and girls had P.E. separately.

11. Sixth grade was part of elementary school.

12. Teachers had methods of letting other teachers know when a Supervisor was in the building. One method was to have a student send an eraser from room to room.

Hope you enjoyed comparing the then and now.

I can always be reached at

Scholarship opportunities (through International)

Applications are now open, and they are due February 1, 2017. You need to be an active member. There are more guidelines found on this page.

Parliamentary Possibilities-Barbara

Is a motion required to adjourn a meeting? How about the Treasurer's Report?

When the time for adjournment arrives, the chair simply announces the fact, and unless someone is quick to set aside the orders of the day, the meeting may be adjourned by declaration.

The Treasurer's Report should be presented in both oral and written format. Unless an objection is raised, no motion of approval is required.

Book Blitz

Tuesday, Feb. 21st 2017 at 6pm

La Madeline, Bluebonnet Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA, United States (Perkins Rowe)

We will be reading Still Alice. This is available on Overdrive (the EBRP library book lending app) as both a digital copy and an audio book.

This is a moving novel and will be a great way to continue the dialogue.

A panel of Gamma Eta sisters will lead the discussion of the novel.



Amy Allen-11/14

Blanche Hamilton-12/14

Ann Mills-12/17



I take this opportunity to change the focus from the usual DKG information to encourage all of you to "GO VOTE." The results certainly have state, national, and international implications.

Six Constitutional Amendments are on the ballot. One of those, Number Five, is important to the Retirement Fund of teachers. The REVENUE STABILIZATION TRUST FUND will adjust how revenue from oil and gas production would be utilized. Less would go into the general fund and more would go into transportation and paying off state employee and teacher retirement systems' unfunded liability. PLEASE VOTE "YES" FOR NUMBER 5.

Barbara Verdin || Editor ||