2T News!

January 4th, 2016

Important Calendar Update and Help Wanted!

January 15th is a full day of school! It was misprinted as being a 1/2 day in the Sneak Peek! (sorry for any confusion)

Songs Wanted:

Over the month of December our class sang Holiday songs during Morning Meeting. We used song books and sang our favorites. The class really enjoyed this and it was a great community builder as well as an excellent way to practice reading fluency. I would like to create a class songbook for the rest of the year so that we can continue this great activity! I would love any of your suggestions for fun, inspirational and upbeat songs. If you have a kid-friendly favorite song submit the title to me through email and I will compile a collection for our class! My list will definitely include some current songs (Happy by Pharrell Williams) as well as some classics (Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles). Thanks!