Algebra 2 Math Toolbox

Get help on missing skills.

Some skills were taught in previous math classes that are necessary to succeed in this math class.

Think of your math skills as tools and the problems in class as a job. Do you have the right tools in your tool box for the job? Maybe, maybe not. If you struggled in math in the past, you may not have picked up the right skills. I will post links for videos and practice problems for those skills here. Have a skill/question you want added? Let me know!

Add tools to your toolbox

How do you calculate your grade percentage?

Here is a short video on how to convert a fraction to a percent. In the course you can see your class average as some number over another number (a fraction).

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Mrs. L

I am here to help you succeed but in the end you are the one who has to do the work. Send me a message if you need me to add a skill to the list. :) Send me a kmail or skype message. Skype id found in the Course Materials>Teacher Contact.