Cecil Beaton

Queen Elizabeth ii in Corination Robes

Background History

Cecil was hired to take the queens coronation photos. He wanted the photos to be more dramatic and glamorous. I feel the photo is famous because it is different from other coronation photos. Its not traditional family line ups and it's not captured by the well known architecture in Buckingham palace. The photo was took in Westminster, Abby on June 2nd, 1953 over a year after the death of King George vi's death.

My Opinion

I feel that this picture really captures the "royal" aspects that most people think of when they think of Kings and Queens. Such as the crown and the cape lines with the spotted fur. The only thing I would change is the backdrop, it seems like there is too much going on in it. And I feel that the drapes over it was unnecessary as well. But other then that, I do like how they spread the cape out from behind her it kind of leads you to look at her. Over all I think it is a nice picture.