Third Six Weeks

Olivia Hernandez

Graphic Organizers

Tools that use visual symbols to express knowledge, concepts, thoughts, or ideas, and the relationships between them.

Revising and Editing Techniques

Revising should be a continual process of writing and re-writing, and editing should focus more on stylistic and grammatical points once you have an acceptable draft.

Influence of Settings

Defines when and where the story will take place. It serves to set the atmosphere or mood, and helps present the theme and provide character to the story.

Plot and Setting

Plot and setting is important, because it helps to define your theme and keep it going. Well defined Plot and Settings make it easier to develop characters and help to keep readers focused the story.
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A player standing at the plate for one last swing to win the World Series, could be a final chapter of a story with lots of wins and losses. The player's character is developed by his journeys in and out of the stadium, but each time the story takes you to a game the reader is reminded of the theme. With each swing of bat, the reader focuses on the settings that have defined the player and wants to see what happens next.

Point of View

First person point of view is from a character in the story, viewing things as they happen in the story. Third person point of view is from someone outside of the story viewing things with in the story.