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Tales of Infidelity and Redemption - THE GOLDEN POOL

"If 50 Shades of Grey is for women who long to be dominated, then The Golden Pool is for those who long to be loved."

"A very real family saga of betrayal and healing; paralleled by a Harry Potterish story. Add large dollops of very real and very explicit sex, an impish sense of humour, and deeply felt emotions and you have one of the best reads of my year."

"Three really strong, sexy women; men who know their place (which is to give scrumptious sex with lots and lots of foreplay to their ladies); great storytelling with masses of twists and turns; a really believable (if slightly idealized family); and, in Amy, a beautifully drawn character we can live with from the age of five to her beautifully blooming maturity. What's not to like? Only small criticism; am I the only one to ever get cystitis?"

A perfect family. A perfect marriage? Love, infidelity, betrayal - with one especially appalling and destructive consequence. Can the pieces be put back together again? The process of healing and redemption is a long and difficult one with many detours and deviations.

Husband and father Nick's powerful tales of the Adventures of Wizard One-Leg, the Great Orc, Ircale, and the two Beautiful Young Princesses provide a counterpoint to the human tragedy surrounding the Pike family.

The Golden Pool is the story of Nick, Claire, and their three children - Paul, Ellie and little Amy. It follows the family's journey through chaos and destruction, to rebuilding, redemption, healing, coming of age, with humour and truth.

It is the first in a series of novels under the title Tales of Infidelity and Betrayal. The next will be Around the World in 1800 Days.

Warning: this novel contains graphic descriptions of sex.