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Newspaper project advanced by Joshua Mills

If love were a disease, would you be infected?

lena Haloway always followed th rules. She always came home before curfew, and she would rarely talk to boys. Which is forbidden considering love is a disease. The cure for love is given to citizens at age 18, unless authorized to do otherwise. Lena gets the disease at 17 though,after meeting a boy. Now she would rather be infected than be cured. Can she escape with the love of her life, or be cured and live a life with someone she doesn't love? I give this movie a 7 out of 10. It seemed to copy some elements from other movies and skipped some crucial details in the novel.

"The most dangerous sicknesses are those that make us believe we are well."-Proverb 24, The Book of Shhh

Invalids Among Us

Although it sounds like a figment of someone's imagination, this may be true. Invalids could be all around us, acting like everyday people doing everyday things. They could be reading the newspaper, or going to work like everybody else in Portland. The proof is all around us as well. Everybody remembers when the central police station was broken into, and all the furniture was moved onto the roof. There is no way it would not have at least one person guarding it. Unless the guard was a sympathizer. Or the night when invalids painted red death skulls on the houses of known scientists. How would they know the scientists without insiders, or let alone avoid the regulators. The point is that invalids are somehow getting in and out of Portland, which leaves us with the question. Are the fences really that protective?

Advice column

Dear Joshua Mills,

Recently I've noticed changes in my employer's niece has been acting strange. Just the other day she was very clumsy, knocking over shelves, mislabeling cartons, or even ringing up the wrong change. Every time she did this, she needed my help. It seemed odd how she continued to receive compliments and all of a sudden she's extremely clumsy. Personally I believe she is experiencing the first stages of Deliria, but I don't know for sure. Please tell me what I need to do.

Sincerely, General Manager (Jed)

Dear General Manager.

I wouldn't worry too much, clumsiness can also be a result of lack of sleep and she probably didn't have a good night. If these problems seem to continue, report them to you nearest regulator station.

Sincerely, Joshua Mills

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5. The name of the disease

7. The people who House and take care of invalids inside the borders.

9. The people who refuse to be given the cure.

10. The place where the invalids live outside the borders.


1. Volunteer citizens or employed workers who patrol the streets at night.

2. the test given to uncureds before receiving the cure.

3. Make the regulators look like little kids playing cops and robbers.

4. The usual age people are when they get the cure.

6. Main prison where some invalids and sympathizers are kept.

8. The people who give the test to others and give their matches to them.

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Volunteer Regulator Needed

We are looking for volunteer citizens to patrol the streets at night for illegal activities. Must be cured and willing to sleep during the day. Being athletic and fit is not needed, but it is recommended. More information and sign up sheets are at the central police station. No interview is needed, just a pen.
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New House Available

Since the last raid, the government has decided to repopulate Deering Highlands and all of its vacant houses. One house that is already up for sale is 703 Willow Ln. A beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a large living room and all the cooking essentials in the kitchen. The backyard is spacious and perfect for little kids who like to play. More information can be found at rentview.com.