Can Teens Buy "M" Rated VdeoGames?

And why it may help them


As a 14 year old boy, there is no doubt in my mind that other teens my age would want to play these violent videogames. And anyone who plays videogames knows that some parents won't allow for these games to be bought. Here is the reason why I believe teens should be allowed to buy "m" rated games

Xbox Live, Steam, and PSN Stores

Unless videogame consoles have restrictions, you are able to buy almost any videogame you want online. If you are able to buy it on the online marketplace, why not able to buy a physical copy?

The Real World is Already Bad Enough.

From kids our age getting busted with drugs, to mass shootings, kids and teens are already exposed to violence, so violent videogames aren't going to be any worse than the real world. even in households where tv and social media aren't allowed, news still spreads like wildfire, no matter what.

Teens Have a Level of Maturity That Younger Kids Don't

Here is a big problem: some kids that aren't over 13 years old aren't mature enough to be playing these games. While some can handle themselves, there are many kids playing Grand Theft Auto that are becoming less and less mature by playing it. Some kids will play it for a while then start to act like the characters, with cussing and bullying. While on the other hand, there are so many tweens and teens that are able to discriminate between right and wrong because of them being more mature, and yet so many people can't just realize this. When a parent goes to look up proof for an argument with their child the "research" is almost 99% of the time biased.
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