Kendrick Beginning

Check out Kendrick's beginning reader, tutoring sessions!


Kendrick was a beginning reader! He was working on hard on reading and was understanding a lot of what he was reading but his spelling and writing needed a lot of support. Kendrick used a lot of reading strategies when he read like checking pictures for clues and getting his mouth ready for sounds. He could tell you about what he was reading. Kendrick did well with reading sight words but with more practice could read many more. With his spelling and writing, Kendrick confused sounds especially those sounds associated with the letters m and n. He also needed to work on recognizing vowel sounds when he was writing. He was confusing vowels, which is often common in the letter-name spelling stage. I enjoyed working with Kendrick and will continue to support his growth.

Independent Reading or Rereading

Kendrick needs to be reading every day! He needs to read books that are easy for him to read which means they are on his independent level because he can do them independently or by himself. Kendrick needs to read books with repetitive words and a lot of sight words. Kendrick should read the same books over and over to support his reading! He should also be read to so that he experiences how good readers read.

Word Study and Sight Words

Kendrick needs continued support with vowel sounds when he is writing sentences. He needs to pay special attention to the sounds in words by stretching out his words when he says them. Kendrick also needs to pay close attention to sight words that he knows when he is writing. Kendrick enjoys using magnetic letters to spell words so that would be a good investment for his spelling. He likes to play games so any kind of bingo word games or word hunts would be good for him and the whole family to do. Kendrick knows a lot of sight words but should still practice them every night when possible.


Kendrick should be writing every day when possible because it is the area he needs the most support in! He can write anything of his choice whether it be a grocery list for the family or draw a picture and write a sentence about the video game he just played. Kendrick can benefit from others writing with him and supporting him in the process. He should play close attention to spelling the sight words he knows correctly, using spaces and stretching his words to hear his sounds. Using a wipe off board and wipe off marker is also something that motivates Kendrick to write!


Kendrick should be reading every night! He should be making trips to the local library and getting books from his school library. Kendrick needs to read books that interest him. He loves superhero books and does well with books that have rhyming. Kendrick enjoys the one-on-one attention and would benefit from someone reading to him too. He can get on the internet, as well, to read some books online since he has a tablet now. Raz Kids is a great way for him to listen to books and read books while showing his understanding of what he reads!

Some books he can read on his own:

No David! by David Shannon

Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss

Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss

Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod

Marvel Superhero Sight Word series by Marvel