Texan Battles of the Civil War

By: Braxton Gressett


On October 2, 1862, Commander William B. Renshaw (Union Naval Commander) lead his brigade into Galveston harbor to demand surrender to the Union of the port. This angered the confederates within Texas, so on January 1st, 1863 they attacked Renshaw's brigade. The CSA took back Galveston with 26 deaths and 117 wounded


Sabine Pass

At 6 A.M. on September 8, 1863, 4 Union gunboats and 7 troop transporters drove into Sabine pass and through Sabine river with the intent to weaken and destroy fort griffin. Little did they know, 6 confederate gunners were sent there as punishment and fended them off. The confederates were led by Richard Dowling.


On May 12 & 13 1865, a Union Advance was pushed back by 800 troops. This was, although after the official end of the war, the real last battle of the Civil War.

Red River

The target of the campaign was Shreveport, the Louisiana confederate capital. Basically they tried to split the confederacy in half. this happened in April 1864. Nathaniel Banks was the confederate leader of the battle.


Palmito Ranch

On May 13, 1865, a month after General Lee surrendered, the Union still tried to attack the Confederate ports because of lack of communication. About 800 Confederates pushed back their advance.