Positive Skills

Career Management

Digital Etiquette

The proper or polite way to communicate using the internet. Digital etiquette is important because through use of words and grammatical use of language you can be able to communicate with others over the internet in a way that they can comprehend.

Ex. Some people may misinterpret your use of CAPS as yelling or misinterpret your slang as ignorance.


The combination of qualities that makes you professional. Professionalism is very important in any situation at school and at work, it shows that you have self-respect not only for yourself but for others. Its all about how you carry yourself, how well you can speak effectively and your overall work ethic.

Ex. Employers have a better chance at hiring the short guy who has a lisp that came dressed nice than the other short guy who came in loud and whose speech is .....


The ability to be sensitive in a difficult situation and saying the right thing at the right time. Tact is important because it shows that you can empathize with others and their situation. In addition it shows that you are not selfish and can be sympathetic to others needs.

Ex. A person who has been mourning over the death of a parent may need someone else who has lost a parent before to understand how they are feeling.


Being on time and completing assignments on time. Punctuality is important because it shows that you take that task or assignment seriously and that you really mean business.

Ex. A employer is more likely to hire someone that is 10 minutes early to a interview then someone who is 10 minutes late to a interview.


A person who has outlook and positive attitude. Being an optimistic person ensures great opportunities because it allows you to see the good in every bad situation. Its important because with this positive outlook you cant allow self-doubt to dwell in your mindset.

Ex. Someone might complain about the changing of times of day to work, while an optimist sees it as another day to take on a different challenge.

Team Work

Being productive with a group of people and considering their thoughts and ideas. This is important because it shows that you can communicate with others properly and effectively. It also demonstrates that you can solve problems and work through any conflict.

Ex. Employers looks for those individual that can properly work with others during a conflict with an angry customer to soothe there anger.