Chemistry of life

STUDY GUIDE- Damitryus allen

Facts about biology

*Organic Macromdecules: a large molecues made with carbon

-Organic mean made of carbon

-other atoms used are hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phoporus, sulfur (CHONPS)

-Types of mcromolecules: Carbonhydrates (sugar),Proteins, Lipids (fats), Nuclear Acid

-Monomer: One of the parts that makes up Polymer

-Polymer: molecule made from repeating parts

Hydroysis: The break down of a component when mixed with water

-Condesation Polymerization: Building some thing up when water is removed

-Macromolecule: Big molecule

-Carbonhydrates: Carron water

*Type of carbonhydrates


-Basic source of energy for cells

-Mono= 1, Sacch= sweet sugar


-A chain of two monosaccharides linked together by a convelat bond

-Di = 2, Sacch= sweet sugars

-Needs to be digested by the human body to be used by the cells


-Carbohydrates structures that contain more then 2 ut les tha 20 macrosaccharide units


-A chain of 3 or more monosaccharides

-Poly= Many

*Saturated fats:

-Long chains of carbon with all bonds fill by hydrogens

*Polynsaturated fat:

-Have more than one double bond in the chains


-Is hydrolized in the smal intestine by lipase into fatty acid, gluceral, and water.

*Name of macromolecules

-Polymers> Monomers