Zitzman 411

Game On: Week of May 20th

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: 5th grade visit PI @ 1 p.m. & District Leadership (MMD) @ CO 4p.m.

Tuesday: KDG Graduation 9:15 @ Riverbend, Dr. Sladek @ ZE

Wednesday: End of the Year Awards for Grades 1-3, Grade 4 & 5 Celebration @ Robertsville State Park, No Letter Day

Thursday: Farewell Leadership Rally @ 9 a.m., Dr. Sladek @ ZE, No Letter Day

Friday: Summer School Meeting 10-12 in ZE Library


Don't be a LAME duck!! When you quit, so do the kids. Have fun this week with these end of the year activities.


Curriculum & Assessment

  • Final EasyCBM should be completed
  • DRA & EasyCBM should be entered into SIS


  • Outdated resources not in the MVR-III Curriculum should be boxed up and marked RESOURCES FOR AUCTION
  • Excess math & science manipulatives may be marked STEM. Two classrooms have been identified as STEM/Sensory Rooms for 19-20.

End of Year Expectations

End of the year checkout sheets will be given to staff on Tuesday. Items that you may complete prior to the early-release day.

  • All student work should be taken down (inside classroom & hallways).
  • Refrigerator must be cleaned out.
  • DRA Folder taken to the lounge & added to the grade level box in alphabetical order.
  • Grades complete in SIS
  • Computers backed up
  • Materials boxed up/materials stored on shelves
  • Pay outstanding bills/lunch accounts
  • Layout of your new room given to Sally
  • Classroom key turned in to Mrs. Tylka.
  • Library materials returned
  • SLO information completed in Frontline
  • Frontline evaluations finalized
Big picture

I have a tough time appreciating the present moment because my mind seems to be always thinking and worrying about the future. The quote doesn’t suggest you forget about the future but understand the present is not “your enemy.”

Professionally, with all of the talk about being “future ready,” AND with all the anxious unknowns in MVR3 through all the changes... we have to realize that the moment our students have in school today is something truly meaningful to them.

I think of how often I look back on experiences I had in school, and the learners in front of you need to know how important the present moment is in their lives and how we, as educators, value this time tremendously.

Don’t ignore the future but remember to value the present. It is your friend.

*This quote came from the book 10% Happier by Dan Harris*