The Giver

By: Lois Lowry created by: Iliana Nicholas


Jonas lives in a world that is controlled and everything is the same. Until he meets The Giver, an old man that keeps the memories of the communities. Throughout the time, Jonas discovers the truths about the communities past. He then realizes he needs to make a change in order to protect his loved ones.

Main character- Jonas

Jonas is a very special boy, that has all the traits that is needed to become the next Receiver. He had to go under a lot of pressure when he was training with the Giver. The Giver gave Jonas many memories good and bad. One of the memories that was given to Jonas was the memory of war, which was very hard for him to handle with. But in the end he found the positive side of all the memories and decided to give the memories back to the community to remember the things of the past.

other characters

"Memories are forever."

questions do you think the memories would affect the community?

2. why did Jonas escape the community?

3. What do you think the next book will be about?

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likes and dislikes

I liked the book because of the events that happened.

I disliked the ending.