Digital Citizenship

Digital Security

Digital security is the protection of your digital identity, the network or Internet equal to your physical identity. Digital security includes different ways to secure your identity, assets and technology in the online world.

Things to do

When you get any type of electronic device you should make sure you do certain things. You should make sure that you install a firewall. A firewall is a software that protects your computer from unauthorized access to your network. It chooses what can come into your computer and also what leaves it. You should also download the Antivirus software that continuously searches for malware and then destroys it. Whenever there is an update for the device you should usually do it because it will most likely have new security protections. Also before you download anything you should check it twice because you don't know what comes with it.

Things not to do

When surfing on the web and an ad pops up it usually talks about something about money. When this happens you should always click out of it because there is usually something bad behind it. If its a advertisement about some kind of product or something it will usually be safe but if it talks about entering any kind of information to give money or get something for free you shouldn't click on it.
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Getting Hacked

There is a slight chance that you will get hacked and to make the chance even smaller you should:

1. always install a security software

2. don't click on any suspicious adds

3. back up your device to another system and watch for different things

4. think before you open something