The Putney Post

West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

April 29 and May 6- Boys and Girls Health Classes

May 1, 2, 3- Fifth Grade Mystery Field Trip

May 15- Sandwich Book Report due

May 17- Landmark Exhibit due

May 21- Parent Night 4:30-6:00

May 22- Last Day of School

The MYSTERY FIELD TRIP is this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!!

Classroom Happenings

This past week we jumped head first into our research projects. The first hour of each day was spent in the computer lab learning how to find credible online sources. The process of wading through a huge amount of information was challenging for most students, but everyone found a new article on their topic each day. By the end of the week students had 4-5 reliable sources on their topic of choice.

In reading the skills of annotating and highlighting were taught as students read articles for their research project. Students practiced the active process of reading by identifying text-to-self connections, predictions, questions, and main ideas in the margins of their articles. Students were also taught the skill of highlighting words and phrases that were important, interesting, and worth remembering.

In math students tackled the process of dividing fractions. This proved to be a challenging task for many. We will continue to practice multiplying and dividing fractions until mastery is achieved.

Finally, in writing students continued their work in their poetry notebooks. I am thoroughly impressed by the poems students are writing. This week our focus was on onomatopoeia as students created a skit with their table groups and then individually wrote sound poems.

What's Next?

The Mystery Field Trip has finally arrived! Our outdoor learning experience will take place this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (May 1-3). Please send your child to school as usual on Wednesday morning with their packed bag and a sack lunch. It is a good idea to have your child’s name written on their gear. We will return to school on Friday in time for the usual 3:15 bus routine and/or parent pick-up. If you need to contact your child while we are on the trip please use the following phone numbers:

· Melissa Cloud (cell) 907-299-2210

· Emily Putney (cell) 503-476-4859

· Camp Director: Kevin (cell) 907-230-1771

· West Homer Office 907-235-5750

If your child needs to take medications during the field trip, the teacher and nurse need to be notified. There are forms that must be completed for each medication given, and these forms must be completed by Tuesday April 30th. Please plan on supplying just enough medication needed for the field trip in its original labeled container. Herbal medications are not allowed on overnight trips unless a parent is there to administer them to their own child.

If you are able to provide muffins or cookies for our trip the goodies can be sent with your child on Wednesday morning. Please pack the cookies/muffins in a bag or box that does not need to be returned.

Thank you for the many ways you have supported this outdoor learning experience for WHE 5th graders!

Camp Schedule

Day 1: Wednesday, May 1st

8:30- Attendance, Load up at School

9:00- Mystery Bus Drive

9:30- Greetings, Rules, Unload Gear

10:00- Scavenger Hunt

11:15- Whole Group Games

12:30- Lunch

1:15- Recess

1:30- Natural History Unit #1

3:30- Snack

3:45- Natural History Unit #2

6:00- Dinner

7:00- Whole Group Games

8:00- Campfire

8:45- Prepare for Bed

9:00- In Bed

9:30- Lights Out

Day 2: Thursday, May 2nd

7:00- Wake Up

8:00- Ropes Course

10:15- Orienteering

12:30- Lunch

1:15- Recess

1:30- Natural History Unit #3

3:30- Snack

3:45 Natural History Unit #4

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Skit Prep/Practice

8:00 Present Skits

8:45 Prepare for Bed

9:00 In Bed

9:30 Lights Out

Day 3: Friday, May 3rd

7:00 Wake Up

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Hands On Rotation #1

9:10 Hands on Rotation #2

10:20- Hands on Rotation #3

11:30 Hands on Rotation #4

12:40 Lunch

1:30- Recess

1:40 Pack Up

2:15 Closure

2:30 Drive Back to West Homer

3:15 Regular School Pick Up or Busses


Students will be using notecards to organize information for their research project. Each student will make three types of notecards:

Source Cards- Used to help students keep track of the information they will need from each source to do a correct works cited page at the end of the paper.

Information Cards- Used for gathering most information. These cards are laid out in a two-column T-Chart format with big ideas on the left and supporting details on the right.

Quote Cards- Used anytime students are copying information directly from a source

Please send your child to school with a package of index cards by Tuesday, April 30th.

Health Curriculum Notice

The Growth and Development: Discussion of Puberty and Anatomy of the Reproductive System curriculum will be presented to students this week by the school nurse, Laura Peek. If you have questions about the content of the curriculum or do not want your child to participate I need to know before April 29th.

Quarter 4 Research Project: Historical Landmarks

How is the landmark exhibit coming along? I am willing to support your child's at-home work in any way that is helpful. Please let me know if questions arise.

Sandwich Book Report

On May 15 we will be having a book celebration! While eating Subway sandwiches, students will share their completed Sandwich Book Reports. After everyone has presented their book report to the class, students will share their top reads during their fifth grade year. Students will be asked to bring in 1-3 books they read during 5th grade that they absolutely loved. During the party each student will develop a summer reading list. It is my hope that students will find new books they want to read over the summer while listening to their peers share a book that they read and loved. In order to cover the cost of the Subway sandwiches I am asking each child to bring in $3.00.

Homer Summer Youth Soccer

Little Feet (ages 3-6)

Starting May 28 @ Paul Banks 11am

Recreational Soccor (ages 5-12)

Starting May 28 @ West Homer

Competitive Team Soccer (ages 10-16)

To register go to

For questions meail

IXL Math Practice

Skills that align with our current math studies: O1, O3

Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

Play games and get extra practice with our weekly spelling and vocabulary words on If you need your child's password please let me know!