Getting your 1040EZ filed out right!

What you will need:

  • 1040 EZ form
  • W-2 form which is given to you from your employer

Lets break it down!

I'll show you step by step on segments of the 1040 so its less scary and more easy!

Refunds and Liabilitys

If the amount on Line 9 is greater than the amount on Line 12, it means you paid too much tax and will get a refund. Calculate your refund and write it down on Line 13a.

If, however, the amount on Line 12 is greater than the amount on Line 9, it means you owe some money. Now you have to enter the respective amount on Line 13a.

The final steps!

This part is where you allow somebody else (an accountant, for example), to discuss your return with the government. You have to fill in their name, phone number, and personal identification number. You’re not finished yet! Don’t forget to sign the document, date it, and include your occupation and phone number. If you filed jointly with your spouse, then he or she has to include the same information.

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