Visit to Elmshorn

1) Where's Elmshorn?

  • Elmshorn is located in Germany, Schleswin-Holstein, Pinneberg
  • Elmshorn is 637 km from München
  • Elmshorn is 1763 km from Estonia

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2) How can we get there?

  • We can get there by plane 3h 30 mins
  • We can get there by car 21h

3)The history of Elmshorn

  • Since 1650, the north of Krückau located part Elmshorns belonged to the country of Rantzau.
  • In 1657, during the First Northern War (1655-1660) the town was destroyed by Swedish troops under Charles X Gustav.
  • The place Elmshorn was first mentioned in 1141 as Elmshorner.
  • The city was charatered Elmshorn on 11 April 1870 John Bornhöft was the first mayor of the ciry.
  • On April 26, 1945, the last Tiefflieger attack on Elmshorn took place with the advence of the British land forces to Schleswig-Holstein related. 6 on 16 and 17 February 1962 North Germany was hit by a severe storm surge that caused severe damage in Elmshorn urban areas.
  • In the period from 1975 to 1977 large parts of the old town were demolished.
  • In the 19th century Elmshorn experienced rapid population growth during the Industrial Revolution.
  • 20th century: On April 1, 1938 Langelohe, Hainholz and parts of the municiplalities Klein Nordende-Lieth, Klein Offenseth and Raa-Besenbek city.
  • The full Stadteordnung received Elmshorn on 23 March 1888th.

4)What to see in Elmshorn?

5)Elmshorn today

  • It has it's own football club called FC Elmshorn II.
  • FC Elmshorn II has about 600 members.
  • Elmshorn's mayor is Volker Hatje.
  • In Elmshorn there live around 51017 people.
  • There live 2388 people for every square kilometer.


  1. Are there many congestions?
  2. What's the biggest company of Elmshorn?
  3. Who's the ricest person in Elmshorn?
  4. Does Elmshorn have financial problems?
  5. Who's the best footballer of Elmshorn?