By Kinsey Phillips


The name of my country is Egypt. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The flag of Egypt has three equal horizontal red, white, and black bands of the Arab Liberation flag that goes back to the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The flag has Egypt's national emblem, the Eagle of Saladin, in the white band. The different colors of the flag stand for different things. The red band is for the period before the revolution, the stuggle against the monarchy and British in the county. The white band is for the bloodless nation of the fight itself and the black is for the end of the oppression.


Egypt is located in Africa, the countries surrounding it is Sudan, Libya, Chad, and Ethiopia. Egypt has some amazing landmarks such as the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Karnac, The Great Sphinx of Giza, Temple of Luxor, Pyramids of Giza and much more. Egypt has the Mediterranean Sea to it's north and the Red Sea on it's west. Egypt is covered by sand dunes and deserts such as Libyan Desert, Eastern Desert, Sinai Peninsula. One major landform is the Nile River, which flows into the Mediteranean Sea. The citizens of Egypt depend on The Nile River to water their crops.


Egypt is a democratic socialist state and an important part of th Arab nation. The president of the republic , Abel Fattah El-Sisi, is the head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces. The president appoints the cabinet members, prime minister, and vice president. A president in Egypt is elected by the citizens. Citizens of Egypt vote and follow laws as a way to contribute to their country.


Egypt is a poor country. The Egyptian Pound the their form of currency, converted 1 Egyptian Pound is equal to 0.13 American dollars. Egypt's main exports are oil, petroleum, cotton and their main imports are machinery, food, wood.

The life expectancy rate for males is Egypt is 69 and for females 73. Birth rate per 1000 people is 23 babies. Literacy rate is Egypt is 74 percent.

Drinking water has had many achievements in the past 10 years with 90 percent having water run and filtered.


Egypt has a tropical/subtropical climate. The inner part of Egypt is very hot but temps lower very fast after the sun goes down. Annual rainfall in maxs at 8 inches. Egypt has sandstorms near the deserts. Average tems range from 57 degrees in Januray to 82 degrees in July. Because of the dry warm climate Egypt can grow many crops but have to depend on the Nile Rives to water those crops.


Egyptian history dates back 5000 years. The oldest recorded history in Western civilizations. They have had or do have pharaohs, tombs, mummies, pyrimids, legends, kingdoms. Awesome. In 1805 Egypt had a new leader by the name of Muhammad Ali, he stabilized the country, encouraged planting of cotton, and let the European come into the country and develop it, which of course had and still has a huge effect on Egypt today. Another monumental time for Egypt was 1958 where they proclaimed their union in the United Arab Republic, under one had of state, one flag,unified army, and a common legislature which is still in effect today.

Compare and Contrast with United States and Egypt


the people of both countries vote for their leaders

the people of both countries want to live free, raise families


Egypt never gets any snow

The people of Egypt usually fall into 2 categories , rich or poor

Egypt is a much older country