Vol. 1 No. 3 ~ Oct. 11, 2013

Madison Literacy Night: Co-Teaching Capstone

Nearly 200 people attended James Madison Elementary's Third Grade Literacy Night on October 3rd in the culmination of a collaborative unit of study between District Teacher Librarians and Madison's third-grade team. Classes performed songs they wrote about the moon and Earth and projected music videos for each. Students proudly shared their free verse poetry and travel brochure, along with their moon artwork created with Art Specialist Brent Rhodes.

Reflecting on the four-week co-teaching experience, Brittany Andrews said, “Working with the DTLs helped shape my own teaching. I felt everything was successful. We had many outstanding projects that challenged student thinking.” Alicia Walters added, “We were able to teach to our strengths. We taught the content, they [the Teacher Librarians] taught the process.” Jennifer Kozak concluded with, "We got so many ideas for extending and enhancing learning."

What's Next for the District Library Program?

Now that most library centers are staffed, the District Teacher Librarians will turn their attention to working with students and teachers in the classroom. We are currently working with teachers at Heritage, Horace Mann, Mount Ogden, Ben Lomond High, and Ogden High. DTLs will meet with principals to identify grade-level teams at each school who are ready to co-teaching a three- to four-week unit of study. The units will be connected to the new Utah Core Standards for the subject area selected and will incorporate a language arts focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

Think… Create… Share… Grow. You’ve seen it on the district librarians’ newsletter and website but what does it mean? This motto is tied to the “Standards for the 21st-Century Learner,” which are the teaching standards promoted by the American Association of School Librarians. These standards help students develop the skills that will enable them to find and evaluate information, apply knowledge, and become lifelong learners. The standards are also tied to the New Utah Core standards so that students are putting the content they learn to practical use. As the district teacher librarians collaborate and work with teachers and students across the district, they will be using these standards to ensure our students are ready for the future.

Think: Inquire, think critically and gain knowledge.

Create: Draw conclusions, apply knowledge, and create new knowledge.

Share: Participate as members of society by sharing knowledge.

Grow: Pursue personal and aesthetic growth.

Library Spotlight

What’s important to Highland Junior High School's library clerks Tricia Zahos-Roybal and Josh Shreve? Comfortable spaces for students to browse books, read during lunch, and feel at ease while in the library. They've decorated the library with a fall theme, and they're motivating students to check out books and come back for more.

Ogden School District Teacher Librarians

We are excited to collaborate with you. Please contact your principal about co-teaching opportunities with us. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly:

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"Think, Create, Share, Grow" are used with permission from the American Association of School Libraries, a division of the American Library Association.

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