Weekly Wrap Up

Week of 1/5/16-1/8/16

ELA Summary

We worked on a jigsaw activity where we read nonfiction narratives: "Camping with the President" or Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World. We wrote summaries of different events in the text. We then switched groups and shared our summaries.

We also explained relationships between events in Malala's life. We wrote about how events were related in "A Life in the Woods" and Shipwreck.

A Special Appearance

We had Bobby Zirkin, a Senator from Maryland, come to talk to 4th and 5th graders about his job. We debated issues that Senator Zirkin presented to us. We "killed the bill" for school uniforms. Ryan Wahler, "the gentleman from Baltimore County," proposed that companies that pollute the environment be taxed. Ryan's bill passed!

We also saw a presentation from Jump Rope For Heart. (The packet will be coming home soon).

Spelling List 13

accommodate aggressive bask carcass

conceal frail gorge morsel protrude

ripple slither sluggish snout taper


What's Happening Next Week?

Friday, January 15 Geography t-shirt/hat spirit day

Friday, January 15 TRASH FREE LUNCH DAY--Please pack a trash-free lunch! We have our eyes on the Green Team prize!

Wordly Wise test

Tuesday, January 12--Wordly Wise test (List 12)

Friday, January 15 is our spelling test (List 13)

Stem Fair

Stem Fair packets/summary are due January 15th.
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Unusual Hat/Cap Day

Special thanks to our Weekly Wrap-up team: Luke, Madison, Rachel, and Thomas M.

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