This Lullaby

by Sarah Dessen

Could it be that Remy's romantic rules to live by don't apply anymore?


Its Remy's first summer before she goes off to college and she wants to make the best of it but she has some troubles along the way. Her friends all gain or lose something. Her mom is about to make another mistake with her 5th marriage, as Remy thinks. She also meets a boy. Now Remy, she doesn't believe in love, she only believes in short relationships that don't take much effort and will only last so long. But that all changes when she meets Dexter. She thought she'd be able to just have fun before the summer ends and head off across the country to college."I can say i made a lot of mistakes but i don't regret things. because at least i didn't spend a life standing outside, wondering what living would be like."


I choose this book because i love reading about romances and this book just sparked my attention. In my opinion, this book is a great romance and family story. My favorite part of this book was when Remy and her friends, Chole, Lissa, and Jess were at the Quick Zip on the hood of Lissa's car and Adem, Lissa's ex boyfriend drove by and they all threw their drinks at his car with great aim. Reasons why i like that this book is because the author goes into very detailed details and i love how she makes problems in the story something you wouldn't expect. I dislike the fact that this story is predictable but you wouldn't think the characters did what they did after the problems accrued . Overall i would rate this book a five stars because i love the way she made this story, sorta predictable but not predictable enough to know whats going to happen in the end. i would recommend this book to any female that loves a good romance story.
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