Vacation to Tokyo



My dream Vacation is Tokyo;I love Tokyo its so beautiful there at night.My dream vacation is located in Japan.The reason why I want to go to Tokyo is because its somewhere new to go and visit.Tokyo is the capital of Japan,and the largest city in Japan with over 13 million people.Tokyo was first named Edo from being a small fishing village in the early 1400's.There are many national parks in Tokyo,making up 38% of the area in Tokyo.Tokyo has five of the top twenty amusements parts in the world.Tokyo teens wear costumes every Sunday.It is called Cosplay,and you can see them in Harajuku.Sumo is the national sport in Japan,Professional sumo wrestlers have to weigh about 160kg and up to 250kg.Tokyo is one of the busiest and the most commercial cites in the world.In 2009 Tokyo was named the third Most Live able City by the magazine Monocle.Under Japanese law,Tokyo is designated to metropolis.


It will take my mom and my stepdad Joey and I 13hours and 52 minutes to get to Tokyo from Houston TX. Tokyo, Japan is 10,730 miles away from Houston, Texas. I'm going to take my stepdad Joey, my mom; so that's 2 people that I'm taking with me to Tokyo, Japan Mom, Joey and I will take a plane to Tokyo, Japan from Houston, Texas. We will stay in Tokyo for 2 weeks and 1 day.


We will stay in Daiwa Roy net Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. For a couples room for 15 days it will cost 2,347 dollars. And for a single person room for 15 days it will cost 2,347 dollars. And we will need to pack 15 pairs of clothes. So for all of us we need 30 pieces of clothes to pack for each of us.

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We are going to see sumo wrestling the first day we get there in the evening.And the second day we're there we will go venture the city in the morning.That night we will go see Traditional Japanese Fan Dances.The third day we will go to a museum to see old Japanese paintings.The fourth day we will go and ride a bullet train tour.The last morning we're there we will all get a massage.There is a lot of Traditional stuff to do that we can't do in 15 days in Tokyo, Japan.''FYI when the do massages they put snails on peoples faces to clean their pours.''I think the unique things to do there is Traditional Fan Dances,Sumo wrestling,Face massages with snails. There is a lot of thing that I can't name altogether,but there is a lot of fun things that you can do in Tokyo, Japan.


Are trip will cost altogether 18,019. My hotel for a single room cost 2,347. And my mom and Joeys room is a couples room and it cost the same as mine.We're going to spend over 10,000 each,so if Mom, Joey and I bring 10,000 each that's 30,000 altogether and subtract that by 18,019 and we have 11,981 left over. We spend about 31.00 a day for 15 days,so we spend 465.00 on food.On our plane tickets it will cost 1,203 for each one of us.For one round trip it will cost 3,609, for all of us together.Our rental car gas cost 19.00 a day for 15 days,so we spend 295.00 on gas