The Write Side

April 2022 Edition

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Sophomores Read Scythe by Shusterman

Teachers of sophomores across Scioto County are handing out free copies of Neal Shusterman's Scythe thanks to a community-wide initiative called Books Build Bridges.

The Portsmouth Daily Times explains Books Build Bridges as," ...designed to promote the value of reading by linking the community through a common dialogue regarding one specific book. The foundation of this biennial program is simply to put books in the hands of children. By sharing a guided experience with the added value of a community conversation about the book it will foster both a lifelong love of learning and a stronger community."

Sophomore English Teachers Mrs. Ginn and Ms. Edwards stated that several students have read ahead and nearly completed book two and are ready to move on to the final book in the trilogy. Also, in addition to the copies given to each student, each participating school's library received a hardback set of the entire trilogy.

When asked about the experience and required reading, one student responded, "This is the only book I've ever actually read." Another student's comment as he received the book, "This is mine to keep? This is the first book I've ever owned!" encompasses the true value of this community-wide initiative.

Pictured above with her 3rd period class is the bulletin board created by sophomore English teacher Ms. Edwards to replicate the Scythe bookcover.

Sponsors for the 2021-2022 Book Build Bridges program are: Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, Ohio Arts Council, Portsmouth Public Library, Shawnee State University, and the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center.

Mama Mia

Congratulations to the amazing talent who were involved in this production. View the flyer link at the bottom of the newsletter. To view more pictures, click on the image of the cast above.

Elliott has a Way with Words

Senior Zachary Elliott is the recipient of the Scholastic Silver Key Award for Poetry, which he received from his Poetry Portfolio Natural Reflection, and was recognized as a finalist in Chapman University’s annual Holocaust Memorial Writing and Art Contest for his poem Unspoken Love, for which he also received an award. He is currently awaiting results from his entries in the Keats-Shelly Young Romantics Writing Competition and the Sejong Cultural Society’s Sijo competition. Pictured is senior Zachary Elliott with Poetry and Creative Writing Club advisor Mariah Ginn.

Purse Bingo raises over $11K for PWHS Scholarships

The 2022 Designer Purse Bingo held March 31 was a huge success! Thanks to all the volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and attendees, our school was able to raise $11,700 for the Portsmouth West UCAN Legacy Scholarship through the Scioto Foundation.

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Freshmen Scavenger Hunt

Miss Johnson's student teacher, Miss Huston, held a scavenger hunt for all of the English 1 students on the 2nd floor of the high school. The entire freshman class competed against one another to race for the best time through 10 stations that contained challenges and clues. The winning time was 13 minutes and 57 seconds, with the champions being Mykal Cooper, Jadyn Hedge, Abey Stidham, Kaydence Vandyke.

Biology students study invertebrates

Biology students are currently studying invertebrates or animals without backbones, while also dissecting worms and learning about sponges and jellyfish, which live in aquatic habitats. Recently students completed an earthworm dissection learning about internal and external earthworm anatomy. Prior to the worm dissections, students learned about the different types of aquatic intertebrates. There are many different types of sponges including barrel sponges, rope sponges, vase sponges and tube sponges. Did you know that sponges are filter feeders that pump water through their bodies to get both oxygen and food? Most of the sponges we use today to clean our dishes and cars are manmade but years ago divers would wear weighted boots to retrieve sponges from the ocean floor. As for jellyfish, most species are made up of 95% water. Some species can glow in the dark. Many species of jellyfish have specialized cells that sting which can be very painful. The best treatment for a jellyfish sting is to apply salt water or vinegar. Never use fresh water as that will make the stinging worse! So, please be aware of these marvelous creatures while taking a dip in the ocean!

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Boland signs with OCU

Senior catcher and 1st baseman Abigail Boland signed her letter of intent to play softball for Ohio Christian University for the 2022-2023 school year. As an OCU Trailblazer, Abigail plans to major in early childhood education. Pictured with Abigail are her parents, sister, coach, and teammates.

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Dixon Signs with Edison State

Senior Jesse Dixon signed his letter of intent to play basketball at Edison State Community College for the 2022-2023 school year. As an Edison State Charger, Dixon intends to eventually focus on a degree in Physical Therapy or Sports Medicine. Pictured above with Dixon are his current friends and high school teammates.

Girls Basketball Awards

Emma Sayre - So.
  • SOC Co-Defensive Player of the Year
  • 1st Team SOC
  • 3rd Team District 14 Coaches Association
  • 3rd Team District 14 OPSWA

Lexi Deaver - Jr.

  • 1st Team SOC
  • Honorable Mention District 14 Coaches Association
  • Special Mention District 14 OPSWA

Maelynn Howell - Jr.

  • 2nd Team SOC
  • 2nd Team District 14 OPSWA
  • Honorable Mention All-Ohio
Eden Cline - Sr.
  • Special Mention District 14 OPSWA

Boys Basketball Awards

Jesse Dixon - Sr.

  • 1st Team All SOC
  • 2nd Team District 14 Coaches Association
  • 2nd Team District 14 OPSWA
  • Honorable Mention D3 All-Ohio

Ryan Sissel - Jr.

  • 2nd Team All SOC
  • Honorable Mention District 14 Coaches Association
  • 3rd Team District 14 OPSWA
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Upcoming Events

  • Tentative schedule of upcoming choir events:

    Spring Musical May 6, 7, 8

    Spring Concert May 18