Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Love Creek Elementary School

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What's Happening??

  • 12/4 Winter Concert - 6:30pm

  • 12/12 5th Grade Field Trip (Courthouse)

  • 12/13 Evening Conferences

  • 12/14 Change Project DUE

  • 12/22 - 1/1 Winter Break


How is it the last day of November! Unbelievable that we only have one month left in 2017!

I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! I know I enjoyed spending time with my family. We were able to get the Christmas tree up and our house decorated for the holiday season as December is always a month that seems to fly by!

We have lots happening in class as we continue to read The Secret Garden, tackle new math units, wrap up our personal narrative unit, and organize a school toy drive. We will be hosting a holiday breakfast later this month for families to come in and enjoy breakfast with us. Stay tuned for more information!

Evening conferences will be held on Wednesday, December 13th. This second conference night is by request only. I will touch base with you if I believe a conference is needed. You may also request a conference by completing the Google Doc below. Of course, if you need anything before conference time, I'm an email or phone call away.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle

Toy Drive for A.I. DuPont

It's the season of giving and the students decided they wanted to give to children in hospitals who won't be able to spend the holidays at home. Our class created newsletters to hang around school and look for one to be coming through on Peachjar, too. They wrapped a couple boxes to collect toys and other donations and put them outside the class library and our classroom. All donations must be in by December 13th and Mrs. Tuttle will deliver them to the hospital the following weekend. We'd love if you help spread the word with us!
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This link will take you to our class blogs. Each student has his/her own blog within our class blog. It's always fun to get comments so if you get a minute check out what they wrote and leave a comment!


We are plugging away at The Secret Garden and everybody seems to be enjoying the book. There are a lot of cliffhangers at the end of chapters leading us to want to read "just one more chapter."

Each week students complete text based learning activities on Schoology requiring them to analyze the text on a deeper level. Remember you can see their latest assignment submissions by logging into your Schoology parent account.

Change Projects are due soon so please check in with your child to see how he/she is progressing. These projects will be on display during our Holiday Breakfast.


During marking period one, writing instruction focused on personal narratives. Students learned how to write interesting introductions, use descriptive language, organize their writing, choose specific words, focus on small moments and more. Next week we will wrap up the unit as we learn how to write satisfying endings, add dialogue, and discuss the difference between revising and editing. Students will participate in peer conferences and work on providing feedback to each other. Throughout the unit, students have written a variety of personal narratives. They will have these available for you to read during the Holiday Breakfast!


Remember to think before you do

The Cocoa and Cookie Challenge is in progress as students are learning their multiplication facts to earn cocoa and cookies on December 21st. Almost every student is over halfway there and a few have already passed all the levels! Check in with your kiddo to see how they're doing and you can also see their process by checking on Schoology.

4th Grade

Students are still working in the Factors, Multiples, and Leftovers unit and our current focus is using the area model to multiply two and three digit factors by one or two digit factors. Next week, the class will review other multiplication strategies and create an anchor chart to take home and keep in our math binder. At this time, students are not expected to use the standard algorithm, but we will review it as a strategy. The goal is for all 4th grades to accurately multiply using an appropriate strategy of their choice.

5th Grade

Fraction Fun is the focus! Students reviewed comparing fractions, writing fractions, and converting fractions and learned to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Currently, the group is learning how to multiply fractions by whole numbers, mixed numbers, and other fractions. They have used fraction bars to provide visual representations and are beginning to explore how the area model could be used as a representation as well. The area model will be used to determine area of objects with fractional sides, a 5th grade common core standard.